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Fierce Lion and Leopard Cufflinks

Carter, Howe regal lion and leopard cufflinks. (J9158)

Lions and Leopards!

A menacing lion glowers from within his regal, golden mane.  On the other cuff a leopard (pictured below) snarls with equal ferocity.  These beautifully sculpted, richly detailed cufflinks are sure to be a roaring success.  Created by Carter, Howe & Company in 14kt gold, circa 1900.

Carter, Howe regal lion and leopard cufflinks. (J9158)

The nature of the second big cat is open to interpretation.  I have suggested a leopard because of the resemblance of the cufflink top to the leopard's head hallmark used by the London assay office for the past 700 years.  But, perhaps it is a tiger or lioness.  Any advice from readers with big-cat experience is welcome.

Carter, Howe regal lion and leopard cufflinks. (J9158)

The cufflinks are well constructed with sturdy curved bridges connecting the sculpted tops to "bean" backs.  Note that the bridges are anchored to the tops with a sturdy collars.  These cufflinks have survived the past 100 years beautifully and with a little care they will survive the next 100 years just as well.

Carter, Howe maker's mark. (J9158)

Carter, Howe & Company created fine gold cufflinks and other jewels during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The maker's mark of the firm  (an arrowhead enclosing a small "C")  is stamped on the bridges.  The details of the maker's mark are partially obscured by the curvature of the bridge.  To the left of the maker's mark the precious metal mark  ("14")  is stamped for the purity of the gold.

Name:  Lions and Leopards

Cost:  $785

Measurements:  These 14kt gold cufflinks weigh a total of  4.7 grams.  The lion and leopard tops measure just under  1/2" high by  7/16" wide.

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