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Elegant Art Deco Cufflinks

Art Deco cufflinks with rose garlands. (J9461)

Garlands and Swags

Dramatic, celebratory yellow gold centers festooned with rose garlands and surrounded by white gold borders of curving geometric and foliate motifs.  These elegant cufflinks date from the festive Jazz Age of the 1920s.  Finely crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1925.

Art Deco cufflinks with rose garlands. (J9461)

The care and craftsmanship with which these cufflinks were created is also apparent when closely examining the backs.  The 14kt yellow gold backs are finely finished with crisp edges and smooth surfaces polished to a bright finish.  (Please excuse the shadowy reflections of the camera.)   Also, note the sturdy "winged" bridges that securely hold the two ends of the cufflinks on the cuff.

Art Deco cufflinks with rose garlands. (J9461)

These cufflinks were created by Jacob Hookaylo, a master jeweler who emigrated from Russia in the early 1900s and opened a workshop in northern New Jersey.  During the 1920s and 1930s the Hookaylo workshop created beautifully engraved cufflinks that are miniature works of art in the Art Deco style.  The distinctive "winged" bridge is one of the signatures of Hookaylo's work.

Name:  Garlands and Swags

Cost:  $875

Measurements:  These 14kt gold cufflinks are just over 1/2" along the sides and weigh 9.2 grams in total.

Reference:  To learn more about Jacob Hookaylo and the elegant cufflinks he created, please visit "Jacob Hookaylo, the Winged Bridge Maker".

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