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Pan and Diamond Stickpin

Pan with diamond stickpin. (J9065)


Pan, god of wild places and shepherds, watches with an impish grin and fiery red garnet eyes.  A sparkling small diamond sits atop the richly detailed stickpin.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1900.

The Victorians celebrated a whole Pantheon of Roman and Greek deities and heroes with stickpins and other jewels.  The Victorian interest in Classical themes was in part aroused, one suspects, by fascination with the often salacious adventures of the ancient gods.  Pan was renowned for chasing after woodland nymphs through the wilds of Arcadia and seductively playing his pipes.

The reverse of the stickpin (pictured below) is well crafted with the pin stem attached to the back with a sturdy collet.  "14K" is stamped on the reverse for the purity of the gold.

Cost:  Although this elegant stickpin has sold,  you will find many more beautiful stickpins in the Antique Stickpin Gallery.

Measurements:  This 14kt gold stickpin is 2 9/16" long and the top is just over 9/16" by 5/8".  It weighs 1.8 grams.

Pan with diamond stickpin. (J9065)

Pan with diamond stickpin. (J9065)

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