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Scottish Revival Garter Brooch

Scottish Garter Buckle Brooch. (J2507)

Take the High Road, Laddie!

This sterling silver Scottish garter buckle brooch is wonderfully engraved and inlaid with agates and jaspers.  Victorian Scottish jewelry has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity among jewelry collectors and dealers.

You can "take the high road" and wear this Scottish brooch, made around 1870, on a suit jacket, sweater, coat or even a hat.

When considering Scottish pebble jewelry, such as this, closely examine the stones and look for any possible cracks or chips. Many of these older pieces of Scottish pebble jewelry have damaged and/or missing stones.

As you can see, our brooch is in excellent condition; no cracks here!!! And the engraving is deep and nicely detailed. Many of the reproductions on the marketplace have very shallow, plain engraving.

So when you see an authentic piece of Scottish jewelry, like this garter buckle brooch, you can really appreciate the quality and depth of the engraving and the inlay work. Even the stones in our brooch are of a very high quality.

Cost:  Although this brooch has sold,  you will find many more beautiful brooches in the Antique Brooch Gallery.

Measurements:  This Scottish Revival brooch is 2" diameter.

Back view of Garter Buckle Brooch. (J2507)
The back of this brooch has a nice solid silver frame and the traditional "C" clasp. Also notice that the pin stem extends beyond the edge of the brooch, and the hinge for the pin stem is of early design.

When purchasing jewelry, always examine it from all angles, especially the backside. You can learn alot about how jewelry is made, it's quality and it's history just by examining the working parts of the jewel.

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