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Larter & Sons Period Rings

By Arthur Anderson

Larter & Sons was a prolific maker of cufflinks and other gentleman's accessories during the late 19th century and through much of the 20th century.  Their output ranged from fine gold and gem-set cufflinks, rings and dress sets to less expensive, but equally well made, cufflinks and accessories crafted in base metal.

In the early 1920s the firm created a collection of finely designed and crafted men's rings reflecting the arts and architecture of past historic periods.  These rings were known collectively as the "Period Rings".  They were announced to the jewelry trade in a series of graphically striking advertisements that matched the beauty and theme of the rings.  Below are  advertisements for the Larter rings inspired by ancient Egypt and the Renaissance.

Larter & Sons Egyptian Revival Ring Advertisement

Larter Egyptian Revival Ring Advertisement.

Larter & Sons Renaissance Period Ring Advertisement

Larter Egyptian Revival Ring Advertisement.

Over the next several weeks I will post advertisements for the other Period Rings.

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