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Hand Engraved Platinum Ring
with Pink Diamonds

Hand engraved platinum ring with pink diamonds. (MEZA1193)

Amazin'  Scrolls!

Our client wished to create a truly special ring for his fiancée.  He loved the elegance of our platinum  Flowers and Scrolls bands  and wanted to add a little extra pizzazz.

First we located a vibrant Purple-Pink diamond.  The Princess-cut diamond weighs a little less than one-fifth of a carat.  Sometimes finding a small fancy color diamond with just the right cut and color can be as challenging as finding a larger fancy color stone.  Creating a beautiful ring makes it worth the effort.

Hand engraved platinum ring with pink diamonds. (MEZA1193)

We set the Purple-Pink diamond in a handcrafted rose gold bezel.  The rose gold bezel highlights the diamond's rich color and is set atop the band in a swirling sea of graceful flowing scrolls.  Because this ring was hand crafted and hand engraved,  we were able to adapt each design element to best showcase the diamond and the overall design of the ring.

Hand engraved platinum ring with pink diamonds. (MEZA1193)

The elegantly engraved scrolls cascade down the shoulders of the ring toward hand-engraved flowers set with round pink diamonds.  To frame the scrolls and diamond-set flowers we milgrained the edges of the band with a small bead-like pattern.

Hand engraved platinum ring with pink diamonds. (MEZA1193)

For good measure,  we engraved a third flower at the base of the ring and set another small pink diamond.  It is the little touches that make this ring special!

Side view of hand engraved platinum ring with pink diamonds. (MEZA1193)

Wave-like scrolls flow gracefully around the sides of the band.  Hand engraving a ring like this requires an artist's eye for detail,  a steady hand and several days on the jeweler's bench.

In this side view you can also see the symmetry of the design and the care with which the ring was crafted.  Note the thickness of the band throughout its circumference and the sturdiness of the setting.  This ring was created to be a family heirloom that will be passed from generation to generation.

Hand engraved platinum ring with pink diamonds. (MEZA1193)

All fine jewels should be signed by their maker.  Above you can see Bijoux Extraordinaire's registered hallmark ("BEL"),  your assurance of imaginative design and exceptional craftsmanship.  To the right of the Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark is the precious metal mark for platinum ("PLAT").

Hand engraved platinum ring with pink diamonds. (MEZA1193)

Name:  Amazin' Scrolls!

Cost: This elegant ring was custom made for a client.  We would love to custom create a platinum or gold ring in this style for you. To discuss design options,  gemstones and costs,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or send us an email.

This style of ring can be crafted in platinum or 18kt gold and in a variety of widths and styles to suit your taste.  The Princess-cut Purple-Pink diamond weighs slightly under a fifth of a carat and measures 3.0 millimeters along each side.  The three small round pink diamonds are 1.5 millimeters in diameter.

Platinum ring with pink diamonds. (MEZA1193)
This ring also looked pretty cool before we engraved it!

We enjoy working with clients to create unique and beautiful wedding bands and
engagement rings.  Here are a few more rings we have created ....

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