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Striking Clover-cut Aquamarine & Platinum Ring

Platinum ring set with a clover-cut aquamarine, diamonds and 25 Montana sapphires.

Aqua Light!

This beautiful ring features a clover-cut aquamarine set in an imaginative, handcrafted platinum design.  The ring was created by one of the talented platinum smiths with whom we work.  He is also one of the country's first Certified Master Bench Jewelers.  The striking 8-carat aquamarine was custom cut by the award-winning gem cutter Meg Berry.

The aquamarine is accented with eight brilliant-cut diamonds and 25 custom-cut Montana sapphires.  The diamonds are set along the two sweeping arcs above the aquamarine.  The Montana sapphires are bead set around the outer surface of the band and along the lower gallery supporting the center stone.  The ring also has a hidden treasure bezel set in the base of the band,  another Montana sapphire.

Platinum ring set with a clover-cut aquamarine, diamonds and 25 Montana sapphires.

The creator of this ring works with an artist's eye and an inventive mind.  Here he describes the technical challenge of setting the clover-cut aquamarine ....

"This design presented a real challenge when setting the main stone as the top  "U"s  allow the stone to protrude.  This could not be set by any conventional means.  One of the  "U"  sections was removed to fit the stone and then screwed back into place with platinum screws.  The screw heads are underneath two of the top diamonds and are not designed to be removed.  Due to the need to have a tight fit of this cap,  hidden plat springs are used to keep the stone tight in the mounting."

Platinum ring set with a clover-cut aquamarine, diamonds and 25 Montana sapphires.

If you are wondering what this spectacular ring looks like on the hand .... wonder no more!  Here the ring is worn on the middle finger.  Of course, you can wear this ring on either hand and on any finger.  It is designed to wear comfortably for several generations.

Name:  Aqua Light!

Cost: $6,250

The clover-cut aquamarine weighs  8.08 carats.  The eight diamonds weigh a total of 0.10 carats and the 25 custom-cut Montana sapphires weigh a total of  0.62 carats.

Gemstone Note:
Most sapphires are heat treated to improve their color and appearance.  You should assume that all sapphires have been heat treated unless the seller guarantees otherwise.  We believe the sapphires set in this ring have been heat treated.  The clover-cut aquamarine is untreated.

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