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The Art of the Engraver

The ancient art of hand engraving is practiced by master craftsmen who carefully carve miniature masterpieces in platinum and gold.  Each engraver works in a unique style and with patterns that they have developed through years of patient practice.

To create our hand-engraved bands work with some of the finest hand engravers in the world.  Each of our engravers specializes in certain styles and techniques.  This allows us to offer our bands with a wide range of patterns and designs.

Hand engraved band set with yellow diamond.

"Sophisticated Scrolls"

Sophisticated and graceful  -  this hand-engraved white gold band epitomizes suave elegance with a swirling pattern of lavish scrolls.  The focal point of the ring is an engraved flower set with a vivid yellow diamond.
More information about this band.

18kt gold band with hand engraved scrolls.

"Golden Scrolls (Rounded)"

Elegant Victorian-like scrolls grace this rich 18kt yellow gold band.
The scrolls are hand engraved creating a rich,  sculpted quality.

18kt gold band with hand engraved laurels.

"Golden Laurels"

Our "Golden Laurels" pattern is reminiscent of the classically-inspired
engraving of the early Art Deco era.  This bold geometric pattern
is accented with milgrained edges and a reeded pattern across
the top and bottom of the band.

Hand engraved platinum band set with diamonds.

"Flowers and Scrolls"

Flowing scrolls and flowers grace the top and sides of this beautiful handcrafted platinum band.  A small diamond is set at the center of each flower,  sparkling
like a glistening dew drop in the morning light.
More information about this band.

Hand-engraved 18kt gold bands with flowing scrolls.

"Golden Scrolls (Flat)"

The elegant flowing pattern of our "Golden Scrolls" design graces
this matching pair of handcrafted wedding bands.
More information about these bands.

"Secret Garden Band"

Deep red Pyrope Garnets set in a richly hand-engraved platinum ring.
Flowers and leaf-like scrolls flow across the surfaces of the band.

Hand engraved rose gold and platinum band set with pink diamonds.

"Rosy Scrolls"

Hand-engraved flowing scrolls and diamond-set flowers grace this elegant ring.
This band is hand crafted in rose gold and platinum.
More information about this band.

18kt gold band engraved in Rosebud pattern set with res spinels.


A sinuous vine of roses relief engraved against a dark, stippled background.  Between each pair of blooming roses we set a vibrant red spinel.

18kt gold band with hand engraved blossoms.

"Bursting with Blossoms"

Stylized flowers and leaves flow across the flat surface of this band.
The engraver removed metal from the background of the pattern
to create a fuller,  sculpted look.

Hand engraved Pysanky ring with diamonds.


A handcrafted platinum ring relief engraved with diamond shapes and eight-ray starbursts inspired by the traditional Ukrainian eggshell painting.
More information about this ring.

14kt gold band with hand engraved woodland flowers.

"Woodland Flowers"

A pattern of alternating flowers on a florentine background.  The use of
only half a flower creates a bigger look .... the engraver lets your
imagination fill in the missing blossoms.

18kt gold band with hand engraved lotus blossoms.

"Lotus Blossoms"

Lotus blossoms,  leaves and buds wind across the surface of this
flat-edge band.  The edges of the band are milgrained and the
sides engraved with a chevron pattern.

14kt godl band with floral relief engraving on a black background.

"Victorian Scrolls"

Detailed floral scrolls against a black backfield create a dramatic,
elegant band.  This is an example of relief engraving in which the
background is removed much like a sculptor chisels a stone.
The depth and detail of the engraving is mesmerizing.

Hand engraved man's wedding band crafted in platinum.

"Engraved Elegance"

A flat-edge platinum band with a style of engraving we call  "Woodstock's feet,"  because the design is reminiscent of the tracks that Snoopy's friend leaves in the snow.  The edges of the band are milgrained for an added touch of elegance.
More information about this band.


Hand engraving a band can take six to eight weeks depending on the design,  precious metal and the availability of the engraver.  If you have any questions about custom creating a hand-engraved ring,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

Creating beautifully hand-engraved rings is a specialty at Bijoux Extraordinaire.
Here are a few more engraved rings in the Bijoux Galleries ....

Trilliant diamond set in hand-engraved platinum ring.A florally engraved ring set with a beautiful Fancy Violet sapphire.Hand engraved platinum ring with a trillium red spinel.

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