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Trapiche Emerald set in Gold
and Platinum Ring

A gold and platinum ring set with a Trapiche Emerald.  (J7258)

Bogota Bling!

A stunning lush green Trapiche Emerald that is sure to turn more than just a few heads.  This beautiful gemstone is set in a handcrafted 18kt gold and platinum ring.

Trapiche Emeralds are a rare variety of Emerald that have striking dark inclusions which radiate like the spokes of a wheel from a central hexagonal core.  We chose this Trapiche because of its the rich bluish-Green color and the wonderful symmetry and crispness of its spoke-like inclusions.  We believe this Emerald was found at the Muzo Emerald mine in Colombia.

A gold and platinum ring set with a Trapiche Emerald.  (J7258)

We crafted the ring in 18kt yellow gold with a wide band accented by a narrow platinum stripe along its center.  We then polished the ring with a soft satin finish to contrast beautifully with the striking inclusions of the Trapiche Emerald.

The Trapiche Emerald is a round cabochon cut.  We set the gem in a crisp bezel that surrounds the stone with a brightly polished collar of gold.  Bezel settings offer a smooth, refined look and greater protection for the gemstone.

A gold and platinum ring set with a Trapiche Emerald.  (J7258)

The shape of the band is softly rounded,  matching the smooth domed profile of the cabochon Emerald.  The platinum stripe along the center of the yellow gold band nicely complements the linear arrangement of inclusions in the Trapiche Emerald.

A gold and platinum ring set with a Trapiche Emerald.  (J7258)

Notice the crisp, even bezel wall protecting this rare gem.  The bezel is polished with a bright finish to complement the lustre of the Emerald and contrast with the satin finish of the band.  This view also shows the thickness of the band which ensures many years of wear and enjoyment.  Our rings are designed and crafted to last a lifetime.

INsie view of gold and platinum ring set with a Trapiche Emerald.  (J7258)

As with all Bijoux jewels,  the underside of the ring is finished as beautifully as the top.  Notice the sturdy,  symmetrical under-bezel supporting the Trapiche Emerald and the beautifully polished, smooth surfaces along the inside of the band.

Close-up of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark, 'BEL'.

All fine jewelry should be signed by its maker and indicate the purity of the precious metals.  Here you can see our registered hallmark "BEL" as well as the precious metal marks platinum (Pt950) and 18kt gold (18K).   These marks are your guarantee of quality craftsmanship and impeccable design.

A gold and platinum ring set with a Trapiche Emerald.  (J7258)

The term "trapiche" has an interesting origin.  A trapiche is a six-spoke wheel or cog used in processing sugar cane.  When Trapiche Emeralds were first discovered the spoke-like inclusions in the Emerald reminded the miners of the sugar cane processing wheel.

Name:   Bogota Bling!

Cost: $6,850

This 18kt gold and platinum ring features a Trapiche Emerald that weighs 2.99 carats.   The emerald measures approximately 9 mm in diameter and is accompanied by an AGL lab report indicating the gem is a Natural Emerald from Colombia.  The emerald has a slightly bluish-Green hue, medium-dark tone and moderate saturation.

The ring is approximately 5.5 millimeters wide at the shoulders with a slight taper down to 4.1 millimeters wide at the base of the band.  The ring is finger size 8 and can be resized to fit most fingers.

Gemstone Notes:
It is common practice for gem cutters to oil or otherwise treat Emeralds in an effort to enhance their apparent color and clarity.  You should assume that an Emerald has been treated unless the seller specifically guarantees otherwise.  We believe that this Emerald has been oiled.

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