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Hand Engraved Platinum Ring
w/ Color Change Sapphire

Custom hand-engraved platinum ring with Sapphire.

Sapphire Scrolls Bridal Set!

Sapphires are not just for the blues!  This hand-crafted platinum ring features a vibrant square cushion-cut Color Change Sapphire in a romantic design of rolling scrolls and delicate flowers.

A client admired our  Solitaire Scrolls  design,  but wanted a heftier and wider style of band.  After we helped him select the perfect Sapphire,  we crafted an engagement ring with a wider body of nearly uniform width along the entire circumference. Next we hand engraved all of the surfaces with our "Flowers and Scrolls" pattern.

Custom hand-engraved platinum ring with Sapphire.

On each side of the Sapphire we engraved a four-petal flower embellished with a small round brilliant-cut diamond set within the center.   Richly engraved scrolls flow down the shoulders and sides of the ring.  The edges of the band and setting are milgrained with a small bead-like pattern for an added touch of elegance.

Custom hand-engraved platinum ring with Sapphire.

The vibrant Sapphire set in this beautifully hand-engraved platinum ring has a surprise.  In sunlight the Sapphire radiates a rich violet color and in candlelight or incandescent lighting the Sapphire's color shifts to bluish Purple with flashes of red.  Known as a "color change" Sapphire (or "photochroic phenomenon" for you budding gemologists)   this beautiful gemstone is perfect for all occasions!

Custom hand-engraved platinum ring with Sapphire.

Swirling scrolls flow gracefully along the circumference of the band like rolling waves along a beach.  On the upper gallery of the Sapphire's setting we engraved a small foliate design and milgrained the edges.  Hand engraving a ring like this requires an artist's eye for detail,  a steady hand and several days on the jeweler's bench.

In this side view you can see the symmetry of the design and the care with which the ring was created.  Note the thickness of the band throughout its circumference and the sturdiness of the setting.  This ring was designed to wear beautifully for several generations.

Custom hand-engraved platinum ring with Sapphire.

Tucked in at the bottom of the ring is a hidden diamond set within a four-petal flower.   The care with which this ring was crafted is evident in the bold symmetry along with subtle embellishments and motifs, all of which are integral to the design.  The underside of the ring is also smoothly finished with crisp symmetrical edges and a mirror-like polish.   It's these small details that really make our rings truly special.

The secret flower at the base of the ring also serves a practical purpose as our engraver's "mark".   When engraving a ring,  the engraver first creates a mark to center the design and then works outward up the sides of the ring.  This center mark is often unique and serves as the engraver's hidden signature.

Custom hand-engraved platinum ring with Sapphire.

To complement this gorgeous engagement ring we crafted a contoured wedding band with three round diamonds channel set across the top.

Custom hand-engraved platinum ring with Sapphire.

The wedding band is crafted in the same style as the engagement ring.  At the apex of the band,  we created a small arch to follow the profile of the Sapphire and its setting.  The center diamond in the band is slightly larger than the two side diamonds,  so that the channel setting has a graceful taper across the arch.

The close fit we create between the two rings helps minimize wear and tear over the years and also makes for a lovely matched set look.

Custom hand-engraved platinum ring with Sapphire.

This three-quarter view further illustrates the close fit between the two rings along with the matching height and profile throughout the circumference.  Of course each contoured band is unique since it is made to fit with a specific engagement ring.   When we design and custom build a bridal set,  we strive for a happy marriage of beauty, functionality and comfort.

We also make matching wedding bands for men based on our Flowers and Scrolls design.  For men who prefer a different pattern,  we offer bands engraved with just a scroll pattern which we call, of course Diamonds and Scrolls.  Both of these patterns can be created with or without diamonds or a number of alternative gemstones.

Name:  Sapphire Scrolls Bridal Set!

Cost: This Sapphire ring and wedding band were custom created for a client.  We specialize in helping couples create unique and beautiful engagement rings.  Please give us a call (603 624-8672) or send us an email, to discuss design options, gemstones and costs.

The squarish cushion-cut Color Change Sapphire weighs 3.34 carats and measures approximately  7.9 millimeters along each side.  The three small diamonds set in the flowers weigh a total of 0.042 carats.  The body of the engagement ring measures about 4.5 mm wide.

The trilogy of diamonds set in the contoured wedding band weigh a total of 0.117 carats. 

Gemstone Note:
It is common practice for Sapphires to be heated to improve their color and appearance.  You should assume that all Sapphires have been heat treated unless the seller specifically guarantees otherwise.  We believe the Sapphire set in this ring has been heat treated.

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