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18kt Gold and Platinum Pendant
with Tourmalines

18kt gold and platinum pendant with rubellite and blue-green tourmalines.

Crossroads Pendant!

For the 2001 New Hampshire Jewelry Design Awards,  we wanted to create a special jewel celebrating the small towns and rural crossroads of New Hampshire.  So,  Judi created this stunning pendant named  "New Hampshire Crossroads."

The pendant is hand crafted in platinum and gold and set with four vibrant tourmalines.  The golden surfaces of the pendant have a rich,  shimmering texture known as  "crystallized gold."  Our goldsmith created this magical effect by drawing off the alloys in 22kt gold,  leaving a layer of radiant  24kt gold.  The bright platinum and crystallized gold create a striking contrast.

The center gemstone is a trillium-cut rubellite tourmaline with a luscious fuchsia color.  The three smaller gems at the end of the platinum rays are blue-green tourmalines.  Each gemstone is securely set in a platinum bezel.

So how did we fare in the design competition?  To find out,  you have to read on .... !

Rear view of 18kt gold and platinum pendant with tourmalines.

The rear of the pendant is intricately designed and crafted in  18kt gold.  Three open hearts form a trefoil around a triangle that frames the rubellite tourmaline.  The platinum settings of the blue-green tourmalines are specially designed to open the rear of the jewel to the color and brilliance of the gems.  The rear of the pendant is as striking and beautiful as the front.

In fact,  this pendant is like having two jewels in one!  It can be worn showing either the front or the back depending on your mood.

Atop the pendant is a platinum and gold bail inspired by a Japanese temple gate.  A round choker wire or small chain may be passed through the polished yellow gold tube.  The yellow gold tube is cradled by two flowing,  ribbon-like platinum supports.

Side view of gold and platinum pendant with rubellite and blue-green tourmalines.

A side view shows the depth of the pendant and the platinum scrolls set between the rear and front faces.  Also note the concave shape of the platinum settings holding the blue-green tourmalines.  This concave shape allows the tourmalines to sparkle from both the front and the back of the jewel.

Close up of crystalized gold and Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark.

Above is a close-up of the variegated,  shimmering surface of the crystallized gold.

As with all our jewelry,  our hallmark ("BEL") is placed on this hand-crafted pendant.  The Bijoux hallmark,  as well as the precious metal purity marks  ("PLAT",  "18K" and  "22K"),  are stamped on a platinum plaque secreted beneath the bail.  These hallmarks are your assurance of excellence in craftsmanship and design.

18kt gold and platinum pendant with rubellite and blue-green tourmalines.

The Story Behind the Jewel!

As mentioned earlier,  this pendant was created by our chief designer,  Judi Anderson,  for a jewelry design competition.  The theme for the competition was New Hampshire towns and cities.  Judi designed this pendant to celebrate the many small New Hampshire towns that sit where the cross roads come together.

So how did Judi do in the competition.  We are happy to report that this beautiful pendant took First Place in its division!  Kudos to Judi !!!

Name:  Crossroads Pendant!

Cost: This custom pendant can be created with a variety of gemstones, design details and precious metals.  The choices are yours.  Please inquire.

This platinum,  18kt and  22kt gold pendant measures  1.5"  from the top of the bail to the lower bezel set tourmaline.  It is  1"  wide.

The rubellite tourmaline is a trillium-cut and weighs  1.07 carats.  The three round blue-green tourmalines are  3 millimeters in diameter.

Gemstone Note:
Many tourmalines are heat treated to improve their color and appearance.  You should assume that all tourmalines have been heat treated unless the seller guarantees otherwise.  We believe the tourmalines in this pendant have been heat treated.

A pendant in this style can be created with the gemstones of your choice.  Perhaps a striking tanzanite,  fancy yellow diamonds or a lush green emerald.  The precious metals  - 22kt gold,  18kt gold and platinum -  can also be varied.  You pick the gemstones and precious metals and we will do the rest!  To discuss gemstones,  design options and costs,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

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