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Ideal Cut Diamonds in 18kt Gold Ring

Ideal cut diamond set in custom designed engagement ring.

Dazzling Diamonds!

An ideal cut diamond weighing 1.8 carats is securely set in eight platinum prongs.  Six smaller ideal cut diamonds are channel set along the shoulders of this stately 18kt gold ring.  And,  the sides of the ring are accented with platinum scrolls that sparkle with small brilliant-cut diamonds.

Our clients wanted to create a unique ring to celebrate their engagement and showcase a dazzling combination of diamonds.  The result is this stunning jewel that is as beautiful as it is intricate.

The diamonds in this ring are so many and so brilliant that you may need your sunglasses for viewing!

Side view of engagement ring with ideal cut diamonds.

The above side view shows the unique platinum setting that was created to cradle the center diamond.  There are eight platinum prongs securing the stone in place.  The outer walls of the setting have a stylized "loop" design fashioned from platinum wire.

This setting was not pieced together or cast.  Instead it was handcrafted by a master platinumsmith working with thick platinum wire.  By carefully bending and shaping the wire,  he achieved the flowing organic curves of the mounting.

This side view also shows the platinum scrolls inset in recessed niches along the side of the ring.  The inside of the niches are flashed with 24 karat yellow gold to create a rich contrast with the platinum.  In the larger curl of each scroll a sparkling,  small round diamond is set.

Close-up of channel set diamonds.
The channels sheltering the three ideal-cut diamonds on each side of the ring are crisp and even.  The edges of the channels are highlighted with a bead-like pattern known as milgraining.  The milgraining offers a nice contrast to the crisp brilliance of the diamonds and the highly polished gold surfaces of the band.

At the end of the channel is a small ribbon of 18 karat gold.  It is these little touchs that make this ring so special.

Creating a ring like this with its many design elements,  eleven sparkling diamonds,  and combination of gold and platinum requires a master craftsman.  Each component of the ring has to be meticulously crafted and then they must all be brought together as an artistic whole.  When you examine and wear a fine jewel,  like this ring,  the artistry and skill of the jeweler is immediately apparent.

Inside of 18 karat engagement ring.

As with all of our custom-made jewelry,  the underside is finished as nicely as the topside.  The cut outs beneath the center diamond and the channels are smooth and even.  No jagged edges here!  The underside of the band is beautifully polished and shows no signs of porosity.
Consumer Alert  -  Carefully examine rings from all angles to make sure there are no cracks,  pits or porosity.  Each of these flaws can detract from the beauty and durability of a jewel.

View of hallmark and metal purity stamps.

The inside of the ring is proudly stamped with the purity of the metals  (18kt gold and 90% platinum)  and our hallmark  (BEL) ..... your assurance of fine quality.  All fine jewelry should be signed by its creater and marked for metal purities.

Gold and platinum engagement ring with ideal cut diamonds.

Name:  Dazzling Diamonds!

Cost: This beautiful engagement ring was custom created for a special client.  We would love to create a similar ring for you using a variety of gemstones,  precious metals and design elements.

If you prefer a touch of color,  consider sapphires,  rubies or tsavorite garnets channel set on the sides.  Or perhaps,  contrasting diamonds and colored gemstones set in the platinum scrolls.  For something really different,  you might consider a fancy color diamond as the center stone.  You pick the gemstones and we will do the rest!

To discuss gemstones,  design options and costs,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.


The center diamond weighs 1.8 carats and is AGS graded as Ideal Cut (triple zero cut grade) with G color and VS2 clarity.  The six smaller round diamonds set along the shoulders of the ring weigh a total of 0.9 carats and are also ideal cut,  F color and VS clarity.

One of our specialties is creating striking custom-designed jewels for clients.
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