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Ruby & Diamond Ring in 18kt Gold

Burmese ruby and diamond ring in 18kt gold.

Ruby Parfait!

What could be more perfect than a rich,  red Burmese ruby set among glistening white diamonds and warm yellow gold?  The client with whom we made this ring thought it was perfect,  so she named it  Ruby Parfait!

This extraordinary ruby has a rich red hue with strong saturation .... qualities that set it apart from other gems.  The ruby weighs over  2.50 carats and was mined in Burma (now known as Myanmar).

Diamond and ruby ring in 18kt gold.

When selecting a ruby you should focus on the spectral color (hue) of the gem,  as well as the darkness (tone) and purity (saturation) of the color.  These three elements  - hue, tone and saturation -  are critical to the quality and value of all gemstones.

We began this project by searching for extra fine grade rubies from the best ruby cutters and dealers in the industry.  After evaluating over forty rubies,  we then worked with our client to select the  "Best of the Best."

Of course,  rubies look great when accented with diamonds.  We selected four ideal cut diamonds of top color  (GIA grades  D - E)  and clarity  (GIA grade VS1)  that were set in the channels on either side of the ruby.

Inside view of diamond and ruby ring.
In this side view of the ring,  you can see the crisp,  smooth walls of the channels which hold the diamonds.  The straight edges of the channels are decorated with a subtle beaded line known as  "milgrain."

Each channel is finished with a small ribbon motif crafted in platinum.

Also note the sturdy prongs that securely hold the ruby.  The prongs are gently tapered from the the top to the bottom and are subtly creased down the center to add an extra element of design.

Inside view of 18kt gold diamond and ruby ring.
This ring also has a hidden treasure.  Tucked between the cross rungs of the ruby's setting is a small brilliant-cut diamond.  On each side of the diamond are small platinum curls.

As with all of our custom jewels,  the inside of this ring is as beautifully crafted and finished as the outside.

Name:  Ruby Parfait!

Cost: This striking ring was custom created for a special client.  We would love to work with you to create a ring of similar design featuring the center and side gemstones of your choice.


The ruby weighs  2.5 carats and measures approximately  7.6 x  7.2 millimeters.  The four large diamonds weigh a total of nearly 0.5 carats and are ideal cut,  D - E color and  VS1 clarity.  The two smaller diamonds weigh a total of 0.11 carats.

Gemstone Note:

It is common practice for gem cutters to heat rubies to improve the gem's color and appearance.  You should always inquire whether a ruby has been heat treated and have the seller document any treatments in writing.

18kt gold diamond and Burmese ruby ring.

This striking ring is just as beautiful when set with an emerald,  sapphire or even a diamond as the center stone.  Or perhaps you prefer platinum to yellow gold.  This style of ring can be created to suit your taste.  Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us a note  to discuss design options,  gemstones and precious metals.

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