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Custom Diamond Riviere Necklace

Diamond riviere necklace.

Tiffany?  Cartier?  Harry Winston?

No .... it's a Bijoux Original!

This custom created Riviere necklace is crafted in platinum and features  34 large diamonds (each weighing  1.00 to  1.25 carats)  and  34 smaller round diamonds.  In total all the glittering diamonds in this dazzling necklace weigh a sparkling  42 carats.

Each diamond is cradled in a three-prong platinum setting that is individually hinged to allow the necklace to flow gracefully across the wearer's neck.

There are several options when creating a necklace like this:

One option is to hand craft a setting for each diamond,  as well as the loop hinges and the clasp.  Then each of these components is assembled to create the necklace.  Although this approach is labor intensive and can be a time consuming,  the final jewel can be spectacular.

Alternatively,  two settings  - one for each size of the diamonds -  can be hand crafted by a master platinum smith.  The two settings are then used as working models and to cast an appropriate number of platinum settings for the diamonds.  The clasp,  hinges and final necklace are then hand assembled as before.

Casting the settings saves time and labor.  And,  when supervised by an expert jeweler,  the finished necklace is unsurpassed in quality and beauty.

Finally,  some jewelers try to cut corners on a project like this by using pre-manufactured components and then piecing them together.  Our response to this is  "Why?"

If you wish to create a magnificent necklace,  it should be done right!  The beauty of the jewel and the quality of the craftsmanship should complement the value and beauty of the diamonds.  The finished necklace should become an heirloom that will be passed from generation to generation.

The Story Behind the Necklace

The young woman for whom we made this dazzling necklace came to us with a brooch that had belonged to her grandmother.  The brooch had been sitting in a safe deposit box for twenty years,  when our client discovered it by chance.

The brooch,  set with the  34 larger diamonds,  was a striking piece,  but in the style of the bold,  flashy jewels of the 1960s and 1970s.  Our client wanted to set the diamonds in a simpler piece .... a necklace that she could wear on her wedding day.

We helped her acquire the smaller diamonds and worked with her to create a necklace that would showcase all the diamonds to the best effect.  The result is pictured above.

As you can imagine,  there were many  "Oohs!"  and  "Aahs!" .... even more than is usually heard by a blushing she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.  The beautiful bride was wearing a dazzling platinum necklace set with a line of brilliant white diamonds.

At Bijoux Extraordinaire,  we specialize in helping clients create beautiful jewels
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