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Egyptian Solar Disk Engraved Ring

Hand-engraved Egyptian solar disk ring. (J7251)

Solar Disk Ring

Striking designs and hieroglyphics dating back to ancient Egyptian civilizations tell stories of intrigue and dynasties.  The Egyptians worshiped many gods and cherished the symbols evoking images of their favorite deities.

Our Solar Disk ring captures some of these bold images with a richly engraved design.  The band is crafted in 18kt green gold with a very subtle domed profile.   Our high quality bands are the perfect canvas for ancient images such as these, or perhaps other special symbols telling your unique story.

The focal point of this dramatic band is a vibrant green Demantoid Garnet bead set within a sunburst center and flanked by two cobras amidst feathered wings.   The Winged Solar Disk is the ancient symbol of the god Horus who has taken the form of the sun-disk with outstretched wings.  The two uraeus snakes (cobras) symbolize the goddesses Nekhbet and Uazet.

Hand-engraved Egyptian solar disk ring. (J7251)

Opposite the winged solar disk is an engraved motif of the ancient symbol Udjat which is known as the Eye of Horus.  This symbol is meant to protect one in the afterlife and also to ward off evil.    Beside the Udjat is an engraved Scarab Beetle which signifies rebirth, renewal and resurrection.  

These ancient emblems were used in funerary vessels and artifacts on the mummies of the pharaohs and queens to help them in their journey to the afterlife.   These important symbols are also seen as prominent elements in ancient Egyptian artwork, architecture, textiles and jewelry.

Hand-engraved Egyptian solar disk ring. (J7251)

Hieroglyphics are meant to tell a story and what better way to capture these dramatic motifs than as an engraved band.  The band is first crafted in 18kt green gold then carefully hand engraved by the "bright cut" engraving technique.  This creates the designs in a similar manner to the hieroglyphics that were engraved into limestone in the tombs and palaces of ancient Egypt.

After engraving the band, we applied a semi-permanent blackening material for contrast.  This beautiful design looks equally lovely with or without the blackened effect.

Hand-engraved Egyptian solar disk ring. (J7251)

A beautiful ring should be as well crafted on the inside as it is on the outside.  Looking inside the ring you can see the sturdy thickness of the band.  We polished a bevel along the edges of the inner circumference to provide a comfort fit effect.  This band was crafted to give a lifetime of pleasure and be passed onto future generations.

Hand-engraved Egyptian solar disk ring. (J7251)

The vivid green hue of the Demantoid Garnet beautifully complements the warm tone of the green gold band. This lush band is a great example of the many designs possible with hand engraving.  If you love Ancient Egyptian themes,  this band would be a perfect ring for you. Of course, we can also engrave other symbols that have special meaning to you and your betrothed.

Name:  Solar Disk Ring




The round demantoid garnet measures 2 mm in diameter and weighs 0.03 carat.  The 18kt green gold band is 6 millimeters wide, weighs 9.5 grams and fits a finger size 6 1/2.

Due to the depth and detail of the engraving the size of this ring cannot be altered,  however we can certainly custom make a ring like this with the size and design variations you desire.  Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss gemstones, design options and costs.

One of our passions is creating beautifully engraved, unique rings.
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