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Yellow, Rose and Green Gold
Custom Wedding Rings

A set of custom wedding rings set with diamonds and crafted in yellow, rose and green gold.

The Golden Garden!

The Victorian jewelers were masters of creating beautiful jewels featuring several colors of gold.  During the gold rush in the Black Hills of South Dakota, these multi-colored jewels became known as  "Black Hills gold jewelry".  Our client was inspired by these jewels from the past and wanted to create a custom engagement ring and wedding band that blossomed with the rich tones of yellow, rose and green gold.

The body of the engagement ring is crafted in 14kt yellow gold.  Across the top of the ring we carved a deep channel and set two hearty rose buds handcrafted,  of course,  in rose gold.  A sparkling diamond sits in the the center of each rose like a glistening dew drop.  Next to the rose buds our goldsmith set delicate leaves sculpted in green gold.  And, at the center of this miniature garden an oval diamond is cradled within six white gold prongs.

Multi-colored 14kt gold custom wedding band.

The wedding band was custom created to follow the design of the engagement ring. The band is graced with diamond-set rose buds and also leaves sculpted in green gold.  At the apex of the band three yellow gold beads are set to signify the couple's past,  present and future.

Note that the band is slightly curved so that it rests smoothly beside the engagement ring.

Most gold jewelry is made from a mixture of rich 24kt gold and various alloys that increase the hardness and durability of the precious metal.  These alloys  - usually copper, silver, nickel, etc...  -  also alter the color of the gold!

Through this modern day alchemy,  rose gold is created by adding an extra dash of copper,  while an extra portion of silver is added to create green gold.  White gold,  invented around 1915,  is created by adding nickel or the platinum group metal, palladium.

Side view of custom wedding rings crafted in yellow, rose and green gold.

Close-up of hallmarks.

As always,  the inside of our rings are as beautifully finished as the outside.  Note the smooth, polished surfaces and the thickness of the ring's sides.  The edges are slightly rounded,  so that the rings slide comfortably onto the wearer's finger.

No fine jewel is complete without the hallmark of the maker and the purity of the precious metal.  Above you can see the Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark ("BEL") and  "14kt"  indicating the purity of the gold.

A set of custom wedding rings set with diamonds and crafted from yellow, rose and green gold.

Name:  The Golden Garden!


This gold ring and band were custom created for a special couple.  We would love to custom create a unique ring in this style for you with the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.  Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss gemstones,  design options and costs.

The engagement ring is  6.5 millimeters (mm) wide and  3.6 mm tall at the apex, while the band measures  4.8 mm wide by  3.8 mm tall.  The oval diamond weighs 0.61 carats and measures  6.6 mm by  4.7 mm.

A set of custom wedding rings set with diamonds and crafted in yellow, rose and green gold.

One of the best parts of helping couples create custom rings is their reaction when they first see the finished jewels.  Here is what our client Chad and his fiance,  Kelly,  had to say:

The rings are perfect!!  You exceeded my expectations!  My girl friend will adore them!  I am going to give them to her soon,  I will let you know what she thinks.  Thanks again for all your help,  they are truly spectacular!  I will be in touch!  Excited,  excited,  Chad
Chad was right!  Here is what Kelly told her family about the rings:
My rings are beautiful .... and made just for me by Chad.  He designed the rings for me and worked with a jeweler in New Hampshire to make them.  He has been designing it since about last year,  and emailing the jeweler and talking to her about the design.  I had no clue what he was doing.

Anyway,  you all have to see the rings,  they are just gorgeous!  Chad told me that the rings are as unique as we are, because he helped design them.  They are a tri-color gold rings,  like Black Hills gold.  In the center of the engagement ring there is an oval diamond  And on either side of the big diamond is a golden rose bud and leaf with a diamond set in each rose.  Just perfect and pretty!!!

We can custom create a ring in this style for you in yellow gold or platinum.  In addition to diamonds,  you might want to consider rich blue sapphires,  tanzanites or one of the many other flavors of colored gemstones.  In fact,  this style of band can be made with a variety of gemstones,  precious metals and design elements!  Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss gemstones,  design options and costs.

Here are a few other striking rings we have helped clients create ....

Filigree ring with tanzanite.A tanzanite ring with diamonds handcrafted in platinum and gold.18kt gold and platinum ring with a 2 carat tanzanite.

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