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Three Diamond Engagement Ring
in Gold & Platinum

Three-stone diamond engagement ring crafted in 18kt gold and platinum with hidden hearts.


Three-stone diamond rings have long been a symbol of two lives joining together as one.  But for this engagement ring,  we added something extra.

The ring is handcrafted in 18kt gold and platinum with a 1.4 carat round brilliant diamond.  The center diamond is flanked by two matching trilliant diamonds.  Each of the diamonds is securely held in platinum a setting that protects the gem and assures many years of enjoyment and wear.

As an added touch,  we set a small gold heart beneath the sparkling diamonds.

Side view of three-stone diamond engagement ring crafted in 18kt gold and platinum with hidden hearts.

The band of the ring has a broad, flat profile that narrows gracefully as it meets the platinum settings and outer points of the trilliant diamonds.  This creates an elegant transition from the warmth of the gold band to the frosty white diamonds and cool platinum settings.

The eight-prong setting holding the center diamond is called a  "French double-prong mounting".  The two trilliant diamonds are cradled in three  "v" shaped prongs that help protect the points of these triangular gems.  If you want,  the center diamond can also be set in a traditional four-prong setting or in a modern looking bezel.  This style of ring is hand-made,  so you can customize it to match your taste!

Lay out of diamonds in three-stone diamond ring.

When you create a beautiful three-stone ring,  the layout and placement of the gemstones is critical.  The center stone should be set a little above the side stones with just a little overlap.  You do not want to see any gaps between the stones or create a "boxy" appearence.  The ring and gemstones should flow gracefully across the your finger and fit as comfortably as it looks.

In addition to a nice layout,  the beauty and quality of the diamonds is important.  Here we carefully matched the size,  shape and color of the center and side diamonds.  It is important that all of the diamonds have complementary colors and proportions.  The trilliant diamonds need to be properly cut for maximum brilliance,  so that they balance the sparkle and fire of the center diamond.  If a trilliant diamond is shallowly or weakly cut,  it will lack fire and the necessary uuummmph!

Inside view of diamond engagement ring crafted in 18kt gold and platinum.

As always,  you should check the underside of a jewel as closely as the topside.  The beauty of a well crafted jewel should be apparent from every angle and in all directions.  Note the smooth, polished surfaces of our ring and the even transition between the gold band and the platinum settings.  It is the small details,  like the little golden hearts,  that showcase a master goldsmith's talent!

Name:  Heart to Heart!


This gold and platinum engagement ring was custom created for a special couple.  We would love to create a ring in this style for you with the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.  Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss gemstones,  design options and costs.

The center diamond weighs  1.4 carats and the two trilliant diamonds weigh a total of   0.44 carats.  The diamonds are G color with VVS and VS clarity.  We can help you find the diamonds and colored gemstones that are just right for your ring!

One of the best things about our three-stone rings is that they can be created in a wide variety of design options,  gemstones and precious metals.  A ring in this style can be created in all platinum,  in all gold,  or in platinum with gold, as shown above.  Although diamonds are nice,  you might want colored gemstones that suit your fancy.  Perhaps a sapphire,  emerald or ruby,  or maybe a stunning rich purplish violet tanzanite.  Of course,  the shape and size of the gemstones is up to you.  As for design options,  you can alter the style and look of the settings,  vary the width and profile of the band,  and even substitute a special symbol or initial for the small heart.  The result will be a beautiful custom ring that is unique to you and your fiance!

Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss gemstones,  design options and costs.

We specialize in helping couples create custom engagement rings!  Here are a few more three-stone rings that we recently created ....

Sapphire and trilliant diamond engagement ring custom designed in platinum with matching wedding band.Platinum ring with three ideal cut diamonds and custom platinum band.Platinum and diamond engagement ring.

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