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Hand-Engraved Tourmaline Ring

Engraved Koi fish and Tourmaline ring. (J8709)

Being Koi

Inquisitive koi fish swim along the shoulders of this finely engraved custom ring.  The ring is handcrafted in platinum and set with a rich blue-green tourmaline that brings to mind a gently rippling pond illuminated by moonlight.

Engraved Koi fish and Tourmaline ring. (J8709)

The design of this ring was inspired by the peacefulness of a koi pond and the crisp blue-green of the tourmaline.  We also drew inspiration from the Japanese-inspired jewelry and silverwork created during the Aesthetic Movement of the late 19th century.

Engraved Koi fish and Tourmaline ring. (J8709)

The ring is handcrafted in platinum with a flat-edge band that is widest at the shoulders and tapers along the circumference towards the base.  The trillium-cut tourmaline is cradled in a partial bezel setting surrounding the back edge and tip of the tourmaline while leaving the sides open.  This helps illuminate the tourmaline and creates an elegant flow between the swimming koi fish on the shoulders and the gemstone.

Engraved Koi fish and Tourmaline ring. (J8709)

On the back of the setting, we engraved a koi fish swimming away to the right.  You can just see the koi's tail and back fins.  Along the sides of the band we engraved curves that ripple like water on a windblown pond or, perhaps, they are the floating tendrils of submerged plants.

This ring was hand engraved using a technique called "relief engraving."  The engraver cut away the background of the design while leaving the koi and rippling curves in high relief.  Then to heighten the contrast between the design and the background we treated the recessed areas with dark rhodium.  This gives a pleasing antique look to the engraving.

Engraved Koi fish and Tourmaline ring. (J8709)

We continued the engraved tendrils/ripples on the underside of the ring.  Although often only seen by the wearer we feel a jewel should be beautiful from every direction.

Also note the sturdy thickness of the band throughout its circumference.  At Bijoux Extraordinaire, our rings are created not just for a lifetime, but to be passed from one generation to the next.
Engraved Koi fish and Tourmaline ring. (J8709)

All of our rings are stamped with our registered Hallmark ("BEL") and the purity of the precious metals (in this case "PLAT" for platinum).  These marks are your assurance of exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design and fine materials.

Engraved Koi fish and Tourmaline ring. (J8709)

Name:  Being Koi 


This custom ring can be recreated with a variety of gemstones, design elements and precious metals.  To discuss design options and costs, please inquire.


This hand-engraved ring is crafted in platinum.  The trillium-cut Blue-Green Tourmaline weighs 1.54 carats and measures approximately 7.5 millimeters along each side.  The ring is a finger size 6 .


This striking design can be custom created in platinum, 18kt yellow gold or 18kt rose gold and with a variety of colored gemstones or a diamond.   If our Being Koi design has caught you in it's net,  then let us create a stunning ring for you featuring your favorite gemstone.

Engraved Koi fish and Tourmaline ring. (J8709)

We enjoy creating beautiful hand-engraved rings set with gemstones.
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