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Hand-Engraved Celtic Knot Band

Platinum Celtic knots in a hand-crafted rose gold band.

Celtic Knots!

Classic interwoven Celtic Knots were the inspiration for this handsome wedding band.  A newly engaged couple shared an appreciation for the intricate, interlaced designs of the ancient Celts.  So, we worked with them to create a custom wedding band featuring two of these endless knots.

Platinum Celtic knots in a hand-crafted rose gold band.

The ring was hand crafted in platinum and 18kt rose gold.  The platinum is inlaid between the rose gold edges of the band and engraved with two Celtic Knots known as the "Love Knot" and the "Tralee Knot".  Then we darkened the platinum background to throw the intricate knot designs into high relief.  These two knot motifs and their combination in the ring carry a special meaning for our client.

Platinum Celtic knots in a hand-crafted rose gold band.

Much like a sculptor,  our engraver used a technique known as "relief engraving" to remove small portions of the platinum background to raise the intricate Celtic knot designs in high relief.  The beauty and depth of the engraving assure that this ring will be enjoyed for many years and may be passed to future generations.

Platinum Celtic knots in a hand-crafted rose gold band.

Each of our custom rings is hand crafted and signed with our registered hallmark, "BEL".  The precious metals are also marked,  in this case "PLAT" for 95% platinum and "18K" for the purity of the rose gold.  These marks are your assurance of imaginative design, uncompromising craftsmanship and quality materials.

Platinum Celtic knots in a hand-crafted rose gold band.

Name:  Celtic Knots!


This rose gold and platinum ring was custom created and engraved for a special couple.  We would love to create an engraved ring for you with the design, gemstones and precious metals of your choice.  We work primarily in Platinum, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss gemstones,  design options and costs.

To accommodate the Celtic knots this rose gold and platinum band is 10 millimeters wide.  The width of the band can be varied based on the nature and size of the engraved designs.

A Brief History of Celtic Knots

Interlocking knot-like patterns appeared as early as the Late Roman Empire in 3rd century floor mosaics.

During the 7th century,  Celtic artists began creating beautiful objects decorated with endless knots.  It is during this period that plaitwork (woven, unbroken cord designs) evolved into broken and reconnected cords that became characteristic of true knot-work.

Intricate knot designs gained increased appreciation during the Celtic Revival of the late 1800s and today is most commonly associated with Celtic Art.

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