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Sapphire Trellis Ring with Diamonds

Platinum trellis ring set with an oval sapphire and two diamonds. (J6401)

Sapphire Trellis!

A beautiful Ceylon sapphire and two sparkling diamonds are gently held in the graceful,  sweeping curves of this handcrafted platinum trellis ring.

The striking sapphire is a rich blue color and weighs just over  1.4 carats.  It is a slightly rounded oval  -  a shape we like to call a "roval."  The sapphire is accented with two round ideal-cut diamonds.  We hand crafted this ring so that we could create the perfect setting for these beautiful gemstones.

Platinum trellis ring set with an oval sapphire and two diamonds. (J6401)

Trellis rings get their name from the graceful,  curving sweep of the prongs.  The criss-crossing, overlapping prongs are reminiscent of the elements of a flowing garden trellis.

To continue the graceful flow of the prongs we crafted the ring's band from two platinum wires.  This gives the band an elegant "double rib" profile and keeps the band from appearing bulky.  The double-ribbed band narrows as it sweeps upward to meet the ideal-cut diamonds.

Side view of sapphire trellis ring. (J6401)

From above,  a trellis ring looks like a traditional three-stone ring.  When viewed from the side you can see the intricate prong work that makes this style of setting so distinctive!

Inside view of sapphire trellis ring. (J6401)

The inside of this trellis ring is finished as nicely as the top.  Note the polished,  smooth inner surfaces, the sturdy underside of the prongs,  and the crisp symmetrical opening beneath the sapphire.  It is in the small details that a master jeweler truly shows his or her talent!

Close-up of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark 'BEL'. (J6401)

As with all the jewels we create,  this ring displays Bijoux Extraordinaire's registered hallmark  ("BEL").  The precious metal mark for platinum ("PLAT") is stamped on the opposite inside wall of the band.  These hallmarks are your assurance of exceptional design,  craftsmanship and beauty.

Platinum trellis ring set with an oval sapphire and two diamonds. (J6401)

Name:  Sapphire Trellis!

Cost:  $7,885

The Ceylon sapphire weighs 1.43 carats and is 6.6 millimeters wide and 7.7 millimeters long.  The two diamonds are round ideal cuts with  E color and  VS1/SI1 clarity.  The two diamonds weigh a total of  0.46 carats.  The ring is finger size 6 1/2 and can be resized to fit most fingers.

Gemstone Note:
It is common practice for gem cutters to heat sapphires to improve their color and appearance.  You should assume that all sapphires have been heat treated unless the seller specifically guarantees otherwise.  We believe the sapphire set in this ring has been heat treated.

Trellis rings can be crafted in a variety of precious metals.  You might consider all yellow gold,  all platinum,  or a yellow gold band with platinum prongs.  As for gemstones the possibilities are endless.  Diamonds,  sapphires,  rubies,  emeralds and tanzanites are all good choices.  You choose the precious metals and gemstones and we will do the rest.  To discuss precious metals,  gemstones and design options, please give us a call (603 624-8672) or  send us an email.

Here are a few more of the trellis rings we have created for beautiful gemstones ....

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