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Egyptian Revival Cufflinks

Sloan & Company Egyptian Revival cufflinks. (J8840)

Winged Scarab!

Late Victorian cufflinks with dramatic winged scarabs.  A wonderful example of Egyptian Revival design from of the late 1800s.  Created by Sloan & Co. in 14kt gold, circa 1890.

Sloan & Company Egyptian Revival cufflinks. (J8840)

The cufflinks are beautifully modeled and richly detailed.  The natural patina of the gold throws the winged scarabs into dramatic relief and the sense of ancient mystery is deepened by the subtle texture of the gold.

Among the ancient Egyptians scarabs were a symbol of creation and rebirth associated with daily journey of the sun.  The Victorians,  intrigued with the myths and arts of ancient civilizations, often incorporated ancient symbols in their jewelry.

Sloan & Company Egyptian Revival cufflinks. (J8840)

The backs of the cufflinks are as nicely crafted as the fronts.  The solid tops are attached to oval backs with sturdy split bridges.  The curve and flair of the bridges helps assure that the links will remain properly oriented on the cuff.  Cufflink makers in the past always paid close attention to the small details.

Sloan & Company maker's mark. (J8840)

Sloan & Co. was one of the imaginative jewelry makers located in Newark, New Jersey that created elegant cufflinks during the Victorian and later periods.  The maker's mark for Sloan & Co. (a trident) is visible to the right of the precious metal mark ("14") on the curved bridges.

Name:  Winged Scarab!

Cost:  Although this elegant pair of cufflinks has sold,  you will find many more fine cufflinks in the Antique Cufflink Gallery.

Measurements:  These elegant 14kt gold cufflinks weigh a total of  5.6 grams.  The oval tops are  just under 3/4" long and  1/2" wide.

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