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Square Platinum Ring with Sapphire

Square platinum ring with sapphire and two diamonds.

Cool to be Square!

Here's a non-traditional engagement ring with an artistic flair!  In fact,  we created this wonderful ring for a young woman who is a talented graphic artist.

The outer contour of the ring is square,  but we added a round inner band to ensure that the ring would fit comfortably on our client's finger.  For each important anniversary or life event,  we suggested setting a small diamond in one of the four corners between the band and the ring.

Top view of sapphire and diamonds set in platinum.

The ring features a rich blue sapphire and two round ideal-cut diamonds of exceptional quality  -  D to E color and VS clarity.

The sapphire is securely set in four platinum prongs,  while the two diamonds are set with three prongs slightly below the sapphire.  We chose three-prong settings for the diamonds to show off their round shape and ideal cutting.  If we used four-prong settings,  the diamonds would have taken on a square or boxy look.

Side view of platinum and sapphire ring. From the side of the ring,  you can see the highly polished platinum surfaces,  as well as the soft rounded corners and gently curved edges.

When purchasing a sapphire,  you should consider the hue,  tone and saturation of the stone.  Ideally,  the sapphire should be blue or violetish-blue,  medium to dark in tone and moderately-strong to strong saturation.

Avoid sapphires that are overly dark or nearly black.  Also avoid sapphires with strong gray overtones that reduce the intensity of the hue and beauty of the gem.

If you prefer a more pastel shade of blue,  you should seek a sapphire that has a nice saturation and a minimal amount of grey.

Most sapphires and many other gemstones are heat treated to improve their color.  Natural color,  untreated sapphires will command a slight premium in price.

Name:  Cool to be Square!

Cost: This engagement ring was custom created for a special couple.  We would love to create a similar ring for you using the gemstones,  precious metals and design elements of your choice.

To discuss design options,  gemstones and costs,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.


The round sapphire measures  6.3 millimeters in diameter and weighs  1.4 carats.  The two round diamonds are  3.8 millimeters in diameter and weigh a total of  0.42 carat.

The ring measures  21.3 millimeters along the inside diagonal and is  5.4 millimeters wide. 

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