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Striking Bluish-Violet Tanzanite Crystal

59.84 ct. Tanzanite Crystal

59.84 ct. Tanzanite Crystal

Gemologist's Notes:
A spectacular tanzanite crystal.  It displays a rich bluish violet color from one angle and purplish shades from another - a striking example of tanzanite's pleochroism.


Weight: 59.84 carats

Measurements: just under  1 1/2" long

Cut Style: natural crystal

Color: bluish-Violet hue
medium-dark tone
strong saturation
secondary flashes of purple

Source: Merelani Hills,  Tanzania

Cost: This Tanzanite crystal has sold.

Treatments: It is common practice to heat tanzanite to improve the gem's color and appearance.  You should assume that all tanzanites have been heat treated unless the seller specifically guarantees otherwise.  We believe that this tanzanite crystal has been heat treated.

Designer Notes:
This luscious tanzanite crystal is great for a mineral collection,  but could also be hung from a beautiful pendant or necklace.  If you would like to learn more about tanzanite,  please visit the Bijoux Reading Room and review the article  Tantalizing Tanzanite.

59.84 ct. Tanzanite Crystal

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