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Cushion-cut Tanzanite set in a
Platinum Engraved Ring

Engraved platinum ring with tanzanite and diamonds.

Tanzanite Elegance

Cool,  crisp and elegant best describe this striking tanzanite ring.  The velvety violet blue tanzanite is set with two sparkling,  trilliant-cut diamonds in a beautifully hand-engraved platinum ring.  The brilliance of the diamonds offers a striking contrast to the blue shades and subtle red flashes of the center stone.  This elegant ring was hand crafted and hand engraved.

Engraved platinum ring with tanzanite and diamonds.

The most striking aspect of this ring is the balance between the vibrancy and sparkle of the gemstones and the richly engraved platinum surfaces.  Creating this ring involved three different craftsman.  A master platinum smith hand created the basic shape of the ring and setting.  Then a talented engraver meticulously hand-engraved the outer surfaces of the ring and,  finally,  a master gem setter set the tanzanite and two diamonds.  The result is a ring of uncompromising quality and beauty.

The platinum shoulders of the ring narrow as they approach the outer point of the trilliant diamonds.  This gives the ring an elegant,  graceful line.  After all,  you do not want a ring that appears bulky.  The shape of the diamonds and narrowing of the band are complemented by the repeated chevron pattern of the hand engraving.  Fine milgraining along the edges of the band and setting adds a further touch of elegance.

Engraved platinum ring with tanzanite and diamonds.

An important part of creating a three stone ring is selecting and setting the right gemstones.  The gems should be well matched in shape, size and color.  The side stones should complement and balance the center stone without distracting from it.  We selected the tanzanite because of its beautiful color and cushion shape.  Then we carefully reviewed numerous trilliant diamonds to create a matched pair whose size and sparkle perfectly complemented the tanzanite.

The next step is setting the gemstones.  The tanzanite is securely held by platinum double prongs that help protect the gemstone.  To the sides the trilliant diamonds are set with three prongs at a level slightly below and pointing downward from the center stone.  The result is a balanced, smooth lay out of gems that flow across the top of the ring.  If the gems are improperly set,  the top of the ring will appear boxy and flat with gaps between the gemstones  -  a definite Bijoux "No, no!"

From the side you can see exacting placement of the gemstones, as well as the rich detail of the engraving.  Also, note the thickness and depth of the band.  This ring was made to last a lifetime and then shared with future generations as a family heirloom.

Inside view of engraved platinum ring with tanzanite and diamonds.

Like all of our jewelry,  the underside of this ring is as nicely finished as the top.  Note the smooth polished surfaces, as well as the clean, symmetrical cut-out beneath the tanzanite.  A fine jewel should be beautiful and well-crafted from every direction.

Inside view of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark.

Our registered hallmark and the precious metal mark for platinum are struck on the inside of the ring.  Here you can see the Bijoux hallmark ("BEL"), your assurance of beauty and quality in design, craftsmanship and gemstones.  On the other side of the ring,  the precious metal mark for platinum ("PLAT") can be found.

Engraved platinum ring with tanzanite and diamonds.

Name:  Tanzanite Elegance


This engraved Tanzanite ring has sold.  Please visit our  Engraved Rings Gallery  where we feature other beautiful engraved rings.

Or,  we can custom create a ring in this style for you using the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.  Please give us a call (603 624-8672) or send us an email,  to discuss gemstones, design options and costs.


This square cushion-cut tanzanite weighs 1.54 carats and is approximately 6 millimeters along each side.  The two trilliant diamonds weigh 0.21 carats in total and have D color and VS1-SI1 clarity.  The ring is finger size 6 and can be resized to fit most fingers.

Gemstone Note:

Most tanzanites are heat treated to improve their color and appearance.  You should assume that all tanzanites have been heat treated unless the seller guarantees otherwise.  We believe this tanzanite has been heat treated.

One of our specialties is creating beautiful rings with striking tanzanites.
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