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Trillium Tanzanite and Diamonds
in a Custom Platinum Ring

Trillium tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.

Knock Out!

A design that is sure to  "Knock you out!"  A gorgeous velvety Violet-Blue trillium tanzanite is featured in this striking ring.  The tanzanite is held in a platinum bezel setting that has nice thick walls,  crisp edges and a beautiful high polish.

There are three graduated-size round brilliant-cut diamonds channel set on each side of the tanzanite,  offering a dazzling complement to the rich color of the center stone.

Channel set diamonds in trillium tanzanite platinum ring.

We set the smallest of the three diamonds closest to the tanzanite and designed the shoulders of the ring so that they gently taper as they approach the apex of the ring.  You can see here that the walls of the channel setting are thick,  smooth and straight  -  an indication of the craftsmanship employed in creating this ring.  The band has a flat edge with softly rounded corners and a high,  mirror-like polish.

Side view trillium tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.

This side view displays how thick the ring is throughout its entire circumference  -  ensuring several generations of wear and enjoyment.  We also tapered the thickness of the band for a more comfortable fit,  while maintaining a sturdy thickness even at its base.

You can also see here the depth and strength of the bezel walls which protect the tanzanite.

Inside view trillium tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.

As with all fine jewels,  the inside of the ring is finished as nicely as the outside.  The under-bezel beneath the tanzanite is smoothly finished,  symmetrical and beautifully polished.  The small windows beneath each diamond (known as "á jouré") are also symmetrical and evenly spaced.

Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark (BEL) and platinum purity mark.

All jewelry should be stamped with the maker's mark and the purity of the metals.  This photograph displays our Registered Trademark ("BEL") and "PLAT" for the purity of the platinum.  Our maker's mark is your assurance of value,  exceptional quality and great taste in jewelry.

Trillium tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.

The Story

If you have visited other pages on our web site,  you know that many of our custom design rings have a story to tell.  The client for whom we made this ring admired a design we had created called  "Bedazzling!"  We had the perfect trillium tanzanite for her and after she examined the gemstone in person,  she knew that she had found the perfect design.  We matched up six graduated brilliant-cut diamonds and had our master bench jeweler craft this ring in platinum for a cool, yet sophisticated look.

When our platinumsmith finished the ring we took one look and said  "Wow!  What a knock out!"  As fate would have it,  the client for whom we crafted this ring is  ....  you guessed it  ....  an anesthesiologist!  So the name of this ring,  "Knock Out"  is appropriate in more ways than one!

Trillium tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.
Name:  Knock Out!

Cost: This striking ring was custom created for a client who loves beautiful tanzanites and elegant design.  We would love to work with you to create a similar custom ring with the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.  To discuss design options and gemstones,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

The ring is hand-crafted in platinum.  The tanzanite weighs just over  2.6 carats and measures  8.5 millimeters long on each side.  The six round brilliant diamonds weigh a total of  0.44 carats and are  F - G  color and VS clarity.

We have also created this style of ring with 18kt yellow gold scrolls
set in recessed compartments along the sides...

Custom tanzanite and diamond platinum ring.

One of our specialties is creating beautiful rings with striking tanzanites.
Here are a few more of the tanzanite rings we have created ....

Tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.A trilliant diamond ring with three small sapphires.Trillium-cut tanzanite set with graduated diamonds in an 18kt gold ring.

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