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Engraved 18kt Gold Ring
with a Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite garnet engraved ring. (J6417)

Tsavorite Solitaire

A rich green tsavorite garnet and the warm elegance of finely hand-engraved 18kt gold are wedded in this beautiful ring.  The tsavorite is a striking trillium cut and weighs 1.19 carats.  The ring was hand crafted and each surface meticulously hand engraved to create its elegant sparkle.

Tsavorite garnet engraved ring. (J6417)

The trillium tsavorite is held by three gold prongs set above the hand engraved band.  The shoulders of the ring gently sweep upward and are slightly pinched inward,  creating a cathedral-like affect as the band rises to the tsavorite.

The top and sides of the band,  as well as the setting,  are meticulously hand-engraved with a dramatic chevron pattern.  In the shop we call this style of engraving  "Woodstock's feet,"  because the pattern reminds us of the tracks left by Snoopy's friend in the snow.  For an additional touch of elegance,  the edges of the band and setting are finely milgrained.

Tsavorite garnet engraved ring. (J6417)

Viewing the ring from the side,  you can see the symmetry of the design and the precision with which this handcrafted ring was created.   Note the thickness of the band throughout its circumference and the depth and crispness of the hand-engraving.  These are all signs of a master craftsman who took great care and pride in his or her work.

Tsavorite garnet engraved ring. (J6417)
In fact,  creating this ring involved three different craftsmen,  each an expert in his specialty.  First, the basic form and shape of the ring was hand crafted by a master goldsmith who took special care to assure that the setting perfectly fit the trillium tsavorite.  Next an expert engraver meticulously hand engraved all the gold surfaces of the ring and milgrained the edges with a bead-like pattern.  Finally,  the tsavorite was precisely set by a master gem setter.

Inside view of tsavorite garnet engraved ring. (J6417)

As with all Bijoux jewels,  the inside of this ring is finished as nicely as the top.  The underside of the ring is crisply finished,  symmetrical and beautifully polished.  Also note the Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark  ("BEL")  and the gold purity mark  ("18K"),  your assurance of quality, craftsmanship and beauty.

Close-up of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark ('BEL') and gold purity mark ('18K').

Tsavorite garnet,  first discovered in 1968 in the Tsavo Park region of Kenya,  is an incredibly vibrant green gemstone that is often mistaken for emerald.  The advantages of tsavorite are that it is more brilliant,  harder and more durable than emerald.  Tsavorite is also usually less included than emerald and totally natural.  Tsavorite has become a preferred green gemstone among jewelry designers and gemstone connoisseurs.

Name:  Tsavorite Solitaire

Cost: $3,885


The trillium-cut tsavorite weighs  1.19 carats and measures approximately  6.8 millimeters along each side.  The finger size of the ring is  6 1/4  and can be resized to fit most fingers.

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