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Victorian Classical Revival Brooch

Victorian brooch of Flora, the Goddess of Spring. (J3062)

Goddess of Spring!

Flora, goddess of Spring, scatters flowers across the early Spring landscape.  An amphora, likely of wine, cradled in the goddess's right arm suggests the celebration of the new season is just beginning.  The scene was hand painted on a porcelain plaque by a talented miniaturist and is set in a striking Victorian brooch in the Classical Revival style.  Crafted in 18kt gold,  circa 1870.

Victorian brooch of Flora, the Goddess of Spring. (J3062)

During the second half of the 19th century Victorian jewelers often turned to mythological themes and an idyllic view of nature for inspiration.  The Springtime theme of this jewel is reinforced by the intricately worked 18kt gold that glows with a warmth reminiscent of the early Spring sun.

Victorian brooch of Flora, the Goddess of Spring. (J3062)

This view of the brooch from an oblique angle shows the intricacy and depth of the gold work.  Victorian jewelers enthusiastically embraced ancient gold-working techniques, such as twisted wire and granulation (small gold beads), to create jewels of incredible detail and richness.  This brooch is a wonderful example.

Victorian brooch of Flora, the Goddess of Spring. (J3062)

The reverse of the brooch is as beautifully crafted as the front.  Great care was taken to create a sturdy framework to protect the intricate gold work and portrait of Flora.  A sturdy pin stem and cylindrical clasp secure the brooch when it is worn.  One of the pleasures of fine Victorian jewels is that even the smallest,  most obscure details were crafted with care and attention.

Name:  The Goddess of Spring

Cost:  Although this brooch has sold,  you will find many more beautiful brooches in the Antique Brooch Gallery.

Measurements:  This Victorian brooch is crafted in 18kt yellow gold and measures 3" long by 1 1/4".  It weighs 20.0 grams.

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