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Earrings with Rutilated Quartz

Stunning Rutilated Quartz and Drusy Uvarovite Earrings

Let's go fly a kite!

Stylish 18 karat gold earrings with Rutilated Quartz and Drusy Uvarovite Garnet!

These earrings feature wonderful kite-shaped specimens of Rutilated Quartz.   Rutilated Quartz is a colorless variety of quartz (also known as "Rock Crystal") which is filled with golden needle-like inclusions of the mineral Rutile.   These examples of Rutilated Quartz are particularly special because our lapidary has cut them so that the Rutile needles form a radiating pattern.  These magnificent gemstones are set in 18 karat open-back bezels.

Above the Rutilated Quartz are diamond-shape Drusy Uvarovite Garnets.  "Drusy" is a naturally occurring layer of minute quartz crystals that lie on top of another mineral.  In this case the underlying mineral is Uvarovite Garnet, a rich green variety of garnet from the Ural Mountains of Russia.   To protect the Uvarovite Garnets, they are set in 18 karat closed-back bezels.

18 karat yellow gold ear wires complete this stunning pair of earrings.

Cost: These striking earrings have sold.  We would love to work with you to create a pair of earrings in this style with the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.

Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss gemstones,  design options and costs.

Measurements:   1.875" from tip of ear wire to lower tip of Rutilated Quartz;
the Rutilated Quartz is 1" wide at the top of the kite.

This view from the rear lets you see the nice heavy bezel and the smooth and even finish of the gold work.   We left the backs open to let the light pass through the Rutilated Quartz.   Open backs also help to keep the weight and cost of these earrings down.

When you purchase or design earrings you should always consider how heavy the design will be and the jewels wearability.   After all.....nobody wants droopy earlobes!

This view also shows the hallmark for Bijoux Extraordinaire Ltd,  "BEL",  and the purity of the gold, 18 karat.  When buying fine jewelry always check for the maker's hallmark and the fineness of the precious metal.

Rear view of earring.

Front and rear of earrings.

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