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Striking Opal and Diamond Ring

18kt Yellow Gold Original Design Opal and Diamond Ring

The Wonder from Down Under!

This fabulous ring was hand fabricated and cast in 18kt yellow gold.   It features a beautiful trapezoid-cut opal backed with black jade and three brilliant white diamonds.

The colors in this opal are absolutely dazzling - brilliant rich reds, vibrant violets, gorgeous greens, beautiful blues and outrageous oranges!!   We backed this stunning opal with black jade to create a more durable gemstone and then bezel-set it for even greater protection.

The brilliant round diamonds add a sparkling white contrast to the intense rainbow-like colors of the opal.   The diamonds are channel set in a gentle curve that follows the natural contour of the opal.

Yellow Gold Opal, Apatite and Diamond Ring

To the sides of the center opal and diamonds are two neon, peacock blue apatites.   These apatites are from Madagascar and have been heat-treated to yield an intense neon blue color (in the trade this color is often called "windex blue").   The apatites are bezel-set at the junction of a split wire motif accenting the sides of the ring.

Cost:  This striking ring has sold.

Yellow Gold Opal, Apatite and Diamond Ring
This side-view shows the sturdy bezel settings that securely hold and protect the opal and the two apatites.   The band of the ring (also known as the shank) has a wonderful width and thickness offering many generations of wear.

You may also notice that this opal displays different colors as the stone is moved and viewed from different directions.   This "play of color" effect is what makes opals so special.....a rainbow of intense, ever-changing colors that shift with each movement of the gemstone.   When purchasing an opal, look for a full display of colors, evenly distributed throughout the stone.   The intensity of the colors is very important to the value.   As you can see, the opal in this ring has a full spectrum of colors and these colors are very intense indeed!

This 3/4 view further shows the thickness of the shank and the effort the goldsmith has taken to create a ring that will forever hold its beauty.

In our appraisal business we are often asked to examine poorly made rings that were bought at a "discount".   These rings usually have very thin shanks, poorly set gemstones and an overall lack of quality.   The old adage "You Get What You Pay For" is certainly true.   The rings often showcased on television shopping channels, catalog showrooms and mall stores are made for the lowest price-point, not to create lasting value and beauty.

Yellow Gold Opal, Apatite and Diamond Ring

Our philosophy is to create jewelry that is unique, beautiful and durable.   You should be able to enjoy and wear your jewels for a lifetime.

Yellow Gold Opal, Apatite and Diamond Ring

From the side, you can see how the goldsmith smoothed and tapered the edge of the shank.   This creates a ring that will rest comfortably on your finger.

This side-view also shows how the opal has been set low into the ring.   This helps protect the opal.   When designing a piece of jewelry, it is important to consider the nature of the gemstones being set.   Since opals are relatively soft (much softer than diamonds, rubies and sapphires), it is advisable to set them low, so that they are well protected.

Yellow Gold Opal, Apatite and Diamond Ring

Naturally, no Bijoux Original would be complete without a metal purity stamp and our hallmark.   This inside view proudly displays the "18K" purity mark and our hallmark, "BEL".

You can also see how the inside of the band has been smoothly finished to a high polish.   Fine quality jewelry is finished as nicely on the inside as it is on the outside.....this is the true test of a master craftsman.

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