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Victorian Sard Grylli Cameo Ring

Sard Grylli Cameo Ring

Rose Gold & Grylli Cameo

This ring, circa 1860, is a wonderful example of a grylli cameo where the head of a man and a woman can be seen facing opposite directions. Grylli cameos are hard to find.....especially in such fine condition.

Those with a keen eye will notice that the hair of the woman forms the beard of the man.

Notice the wonderful detail of the portrait....the hair, the curls in the man's beard, and the facial expressions. The more detail in a cameo, the more valuable. Also, carving a cameo in hardstone is much more difficult than carving in the softer shell. Hardstone cameos cost more than shell cameos of comparable size, subject and quality.

When examining a cameo....especially portraits....carefully look for any damaged areas, especially the highest relief areas such as the nose. Often times, you may find cameos with chipped noses as this is one of the highest points on the carving.

A heavier, richer frame will also enhance the value of your cameo. The bezel of our Grylli ring is nice and heavy, as is the ribbed wide shank and the gold is 14kt rose gold.

Cameos are often carved from such hard stones as Sardonyx (banded tan and white or banded orange and white agate), onyx (banded black and white agate), amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emerald, citrine, and rose quartz. The most common hardstones used for cameos throughout history are onyx and sardonyx. Since hard stone cameos are more durable than shell cameos, they tend to maintain their condition and detail for more generations.

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Side view of grylli cameo ring.
This side view shows the detail and height of the cameos as well as the thickness of the bezel and the ring shank.  Better quality and more expensive cameos have a higher profile and greater detail.  When examining cameos look for the quality of the carving, the amount of detail,  the depth or height of the profile,  the condition (crazing) and the material used.  Also, more elaborate frames add to the value.

Inside view of Grylli Cameo Ring. This inside view of the ring shows just how well this jewel is made....the heavy shank has a superior thickness .....we should all look this good at age 100 years plus!!! The underside of the ring top is solid and beautifully polished.....also a sign of better quality jewelry.

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