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Victorian Cameo Festoon Necklace

Early Cameo Festoon Necklace

Cameo Festoon Necklace

Late Georgian, early Victorian Festoon necklace with three shell cameos. The long tear drop shaped cameo depicts a man, possibly Caesar???   The two small oval cameos depict facing woman....perhaps Caesar's lovers!!!

Many cameos tell a story from history or mythology. If you love cameos, this necklace surely holds a very interesting story!!!

All of the cameos are bezel set within a light frame, engraved along the rim.   The larger tear drop cameo is suspended from a classic festoon chain.

Cost:  Sold

Close-up of tear drop shaped cameo.

This close up gives you a better view of the figure portrayed. He is obviously a man of importance and has a flower above his head....perhaps symbolizing his great wealth and power. Here you can see that there is nice detail in this carving, and the artist has employed multiple layers to achieve more dimension.

The background is a subdued brownish orange, the profile and flower are white and the folds of his toga are a darker brownish orange. The use of the multiple layers to create a fuller image and more dimension are a true sign of the artist's talent.

Condition is also very important to the value. Although there is some natural wear to the cameos due to the age (160 years plus), there is no significant crazing. The original owners of this wonderful necklace surely took very good care throughout numerous generations.

The metal used in this piece is an early attempt at imitating gold......possibly a gold plating or even pinchbeck.   The cameos do show some wear, indicative of their older age, circa 1830.   This neckalce would be a wonderful addition to a fine cameo collection as pieces like this are very hard to find.

close-up of cameo festoon necklace.

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