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Victorian Sardonyx Cameo Ring

Top view of Victorian sardonyx cameo ring.

Sardonyx Cameo Ring

Here we have a nice hardstone (sardonyx) cameo carving of a woman set in a heavy yellow gold bezel and ring.   During the middle Victorianperiod, gold was more abundant and the jewelers were able to create bolder and heavier jewelry.   This ring is typical of the has a nice heavy bezel wall and shank with a simple design.

The background layer of agate is a dark brownish orange, while the profile of the woman is white.   The metal tested as 10 to 11 karat yellow gold.

Cost:  Sold

From the top you can see that the profile of the woman is large relative to the background. The quality of the carving is average in that there is not as much detail as you saw in some of our other cameos, however, the condition is excellent and the ring is very wearable.   Since the setting is so heavy and sturdy, this ring could be worn every day.

You can also see a nicely tapered heavy shank from this view point.

Victorian sardonyx cameo ring side view.

When purchasing jewelry, you should always examine it from every angle and especiall from the underside. This inside view of our cameo ring further reveals just how nice and heavy the bezel is, supporing the cameo and ring top. You can also see that the shank of the ring is nice and thick. An important consideration is the thickness and condition of the shank. If the shank is very thin from years of wear and tear, or was very thin from original construction, then you may need to have the ring reshanked. If an antique ring has a thin and worn shank the asking price should reflect that condition.

Since the shank on our ring is nice and heavy, you can start wearing this ring as soon as you receive it!!!

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