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Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Diamond engagement ring in platinum.

Cool Ice!

Our clients usually expect the highest quality.   But can you imagine creating an diamond engagement ring for someone as precise and exacting as a brain surgeon?

This all platinum ring features an oval brilliant-cut 2.04 carats diamond (GIA grades E/VS1) flanked by two matching trilliant-cut diamonds, 0.80 carat total weight (GIA grades D/VVS1) can't get much better than that.

Notice how this ring displays a very nice ratio between the center oval diamond and the two trilliants.   The trilliant diamonds seem to blend into the shank.   And, it doesn't hurt to have such exceptionally fine diamonds featured in this ring!

The woman for whom we made this ring is a very lucky and happy lady!

Platinum diamond engagement ring - 3/4 view.

The shank of this ring is thick and solid without looking or feeling heavy; and the trilliant diamonds are nearly flush with the surface of the shank.   Our client has an active lifestyle and wanted the diamonds to be set as low as possible.   A minimal number of prongs was important so that the emphasis would be on the stones and not the setting.   She also wanted to eliminate any risk of catching a prong on fabrics or loose clothing.   This ring solves both requests....a smooth, flush setting with fewer prongs to catch.

The double rung head is expertly crafted with consistent cut-outs and a smooth outline.   If you look carefully at the work of less talented (or conscientious) jewelers, you will often find jagged, unfinished edges.   A truly great jewel is finished nicely on all sides, edges and surfaces.

Platinum diamond engagement ring - end view. The trilliant diamonds lead away from the center oval diamond and disappear into the shank.   The shank also has a nice taper to provide a more comfortable fit on the finger.

The prongs and double rung head are heavy in gauge and support, yet appear light from the top.   The trick to designing a ring like this is to create prongs that are durable and strong without building a bulky top.   The goal is to develop a light and airy look without compromising durability and security.

An inside view shows the cut outs for each head as well as the finish of the underside of the ring.   Once again, we must emphasize that a well made ring is finished as nicely on the underside as it is on the topside. Platinum diamond engagement ring - inside view.

From the top, you see exceptionally brilliant white diamonds.....sparkling with every move of the hand......seeming to float in mid air within a subtle frame of prongs.   The triangular brilliant cut diamonds point away from the center....creating a wonderful taper down the finger.   This ring is a masterful blending of diamonds and platinum.   In fact....this design reminds one of the famed Escher prints in which you can not tell where one image ends and another begins.

Platinum diamond engagement ring - 3/4 view.

The Story Behind the Ring:

Creating this custom-designed engagement ring began when our the couple asked us to locate a nearly flawless 2-carat oval diamond with ideal proportions and a D to E color grade.   We located several beautiful stones that met their criteria, but one diamond really stood out from the rest.   As the woman proclaimed, "I like this diamond (see above) really pops!"

The gentleman was a little unsure because this stone was E color and of VS clarity (the other stones were D color and VVS clarity), but the cut was so exceptional that it looked far better!   This couple was very interested in a top grade stone as precision is an important aspect of his own career.

Then his fiance and I both chimed, "Hey, this isn't brain surgery....go with the stone that 'pops'!"

Yes, you guessed it ..... our client was a Brain Surgeon!   :-)

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