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14kt Woven Foxtail-Link Necklace

Close-up of 14kt gold foxtail link necklace.

            Simple and Elegant!

Simple, elegant, refined and understated are all words that aptly describe this beautiful necklace crafted from woven foxtail-link strands.   The fine, intricate line of the woven gold is like spun silk.

You can wear this necklace alone, accent it with jazzy rondels (as shown here) or dress it up with an elegant slide pendant.

Cost:  Sold

Measurements:   This 14kt necklace is 16" long and 4mm thick.

The rondels are also available for purchase.   The center rondel is 18kt yellow with a matte finish.   It is burnish-set with small diamonds (0.12 carats total weight) and costs $450.   The two smaller rondels are 18kt yellow gold with a bright finish.   They cost $110 each.   These rondels are also available in 18kt white gold with diamonds.

Bayonnet Clasp Opened
Here you can see the quality of the clasp securing this choker to the wearer's neck. It is a bayonette-like mechanism - a slight push and a twist are all that are needed to open or close the clasp.   The uniqueness and quality of this necklace and its clasp are testimony to the precision craftsmanship of its German makers.

Consumer Tip:   When purchasing a necklace or bracelet always closely examine the clasp and how it is attached to the links.   Clasps on truly fine jewelry always exhibit quality craftsmanship and ease of operation.
Bayonnet Clasp Closed

The woven foxtail link is very beautiful and versatile.   As a necklace it is available in a variety lengths (16", 18" and 20") and thicknesses (3mm, 4mm and 5.5mm).   Also, a variety of colors (yellow, white and rose) and fineness (14kt and 18kt) of gold are available.   Or, you might consider the cool intensity of platinum.   The foxtail-link strands can also be fashioned into very elegant bracelets.

Full view of Foxtail Choker with Rondells

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