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Exquisite 18kt Boulder Opal Necklace

Close-up of Boulder Opal surrounded by Diamonds.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this photograph could fill a long novel!

This stunning necklace features a colorful Boulder Opal (the "Wonder from Down Under") by surrounded 28 Diamonds and suspended from a finely woven, round wheat chain.

In the above close-up, you can see the beautiful "play of color" exhibited by this wonderful gemstone.   When evaluating Opals remember that the stronger the play-of-color and the more vibrant the hues, the more valuable the gemstone.   The Boulder Opal featured in this one-of-a-kind necklace meets both of these criteria for excellence.

The exquisite Opal is surrounded by 28 fine Diamonds set in a scallop-edged bezel.   The Diamonds (0.66 carats in total weight) add a sparkling contrast to the vivid, colorful palette of the center stone (6.71 carats).

The gemstones are suspended from a beautiful 18 karat yellow gold, round wheat-link necklace.

Cost:  Sold

True quality is always apparent from every angle.   When examining jewelry it should be viewed from every angle.   The exacting workmanship of a master goldsmith can be seen in the back of this jewel.   Note the smooth and even surface of the bezel and the sturdy symmetry of the framework.   This pendant passes the test.....all truly fine jewelry is finished as nicely on the back as it is on the front.

Rear of Boulder Opal Pendant

So, did you ever wonder where Opal got all of its pretty colors?   In many ways Opal lives up to its reputation as a rainbow captured in stone.   Opal consists of a multitude of minute spheres of water and silica.   These spheres occur in a variety of sizes.   The wonderful rainbow of colors is the result of light refracting through these spheres, just like light passing through raindrops.

The smaller spheres of water and silica create violets and blues...the medium-size spheres yield green and yellows....and the largest spheres sparkle with oranges and reds.   When a multitude of these spheres are brought together, you get the wonderful play-of-color characteristic of fine Opal.

Full view of Boulder Opal Necklace

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