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14kt Etruscan Necklace & Bracelet

14kt gold Etruscan necklace and bracelet.

Etruscan Elegance!

This exceptionally well-made bracelet was crafted in Germany where the finest technical expertise is used to create beautiful jewelry.   The intricately woven link is known as an Etruscan link and is reminiscent of the fine gold work created during the Etruscan era (500 to 300 BC).   The golden strands are finished with a soft satin-like texture that is applied by hand.

You can wear this elegant bracelet everyday and to all occasions.   A matching choker is available to complement the bracelet.   Best of all, the choker and bracelet can be connected to create an long golden necklace.   A truly versatile ensemble.

An oversize "lobster" clasp ensures that this bracelet will be held securely to your wrist.   A similar clasp secures the necklace.   We call this a lobster clasp, because it holds with the sturdiness and strength of a lobster's large claw.

Cost:  Please inquire.

Measurements:  This 14kt bracelet measures  7.5" long and weighs  19.3 grams.

Close up of Etruscan link gold bracelet.

This close-up of the bracelet shows the soft satin finish that has been evenly applied across the top of the intricately woven link.   What we like most about this bracelet is its sleek, sophisticated look.   Yet, it is soft to the touch and will not snag expensive silk blouses or sweaters.

You can also see the beautiful woven links of the bracelet....a series of interlocking pinched loops.   This bracelet is solid and extremely well made.   There is absolutely no sign of pitting along the surface (a sign of deficient workmanship), it is beautifully finished, and the design is exquisite.

At Bijoux Extraordinaire, each piece of jewelry must exhibit uncompromising high quality in:

  1. Design
  2. Materials, and
  3. Craftsmanship
If it doesn't, it is not worthy of your consideration.

Close-up of hallmarks.

The above photo clearly shows the hallmark indicating where the bracelet was made (Germany), while below you can see the maker's touch mark and the fineness of the gold (14kt).   At Bijoux Extraordinaire, each jewel is clearly and appropriately hallmarked.   You could say that every Bijoux jewel carries it own unique pedigree!

Close-up of quality marks.

So, you might want to try on a little Etruscan elegance.   You can wear this versatile bracelet to work, play or even out to the theatre.   And, if you like the bracelet, wait till you see the complementing necklace....

Matching Necklace and Bracelet.

The matching Etruscan-link necklace is just as nice as the bracelet.   You can wear the necklace and bracelet to the office, while running errands, or for an evening on the town.   Best of all, on weekends you can clasp the necklace and bracelet together and create a long sophisticated necklace to wear over your favorite sweater.

Cost:  Please inquire.

Measurements:   This 14kt necklace is  16" long and weighs  41.1 grams.

You may want to accent the necklace with an elegant slide pendant for more formal occasions.   How about a something in rubies, diamonds or sapphires!

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