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Sapphire Ring with Baguette Diamonds

Platinum ring with an emerald-cut sapphire and baguette diamond side stones. (J3868)

Blue Flame III

Among the ancient South Americans, platinum was believed to be "tears from the Moon."   While this striking platinum ring may make you cry for joy,  we promise it will never make you weep.

This ring features an emerald-cut sapphire and six baguette diamonds.  The sapphire weights 2.65 carats and is aflame with rich shades of indigo and blue.   The sapphire was emerald-cut to maximize the beautiful intensity of its color.   On each side of the sapphire are three baguette diamonds.   The diamonds are graduated in size and set at increasing heights to create a brilliant stairway leading to the regal blue sapphire. The effect is very reminiscent of the fine jewelry of the Art Deco era.

Side view of platinum ring with an emerald-cut sapphire and baguette diamonds. (J3868)
Inside view of platinum ring with an emerald-cut sapphire and baguette diamonds. (J3868)

When you examine a fine jewel,  you should be sure to view it from every angle.  Beauty and quality craftsmanship should be visible from all directions.

In the two photographs above you can see the expert craftsmanship with which this ring was created.   Note the smoothness of the platinum surfaces,  the crispness of the slightly rounded edges,  and intricate mounting which holds the sapphire and diamonds.  As always,  our jewels are as beautiful on the inside as they are face up.

Front view of platinum ring with an emerald-cut sapphire and baguette diamond side stones. (J3868)

Name: Blue Flame III

Cost: This beautiful sapphire and diamond ring has sold.  We would love to work with you to create a similar ring with the sapphire,  ruby,  emerald or other gemstone of your choice.   Please call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss gemstones,  design options and cost.


The emerald-cut sapphire set in this platinum ring weighs 2.65 carats and measures approximately 9.5 by 6.0 millimeters.   The six baguette diamonds set along the shoulders of the ring weigh a total of 0.79 carats. This ring can be created to comfortably fit most fingers.

Gemstone Note:

It is common practice for gem cutters to heat sapphires to improve their color and appearance.  You should assume that all sapphires have been heat treated unless the seller specifically guarantees otherwise.  We believe the sapphire set in this ring has been heat treated.

Beautiful jewels and gems have long inspired great poets.  In the 12th century the Bishop of Rennes, Marbodus, lauded the ethereal virtues of sapphires in his poem Lapidarium:
The azure light of Sapphire's stone
Resembles that celestial throne,

A symbol of each simple heart
That grasps in hope the better part,

Whose life each holy deed combines,
And in the light of virtue shines.

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