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Tourmaline & Diamond Necklace

Diamond and tourmaline necklace in platinum and gold.

Tourmaline & Diamonds!

Imagine an evening out on the town with this stunning pendant adorning your neckline.   The center stone is a rich green chrome tourmaline set in 18kt yellow gold. Above the tourmaline, cool crisp baguette diamonds form a stairway toward a brilliant round diamond.

The pendant gracefully hangs from a foxtail link chain expertly crafted in platinum.   Our only regret is that our photographs cannot do justice to the stunning beauty of this necklace!

Side view of diamond and tourmaline necklace in platinum and gold.

In this side view you can see the wonderful care the artisan took in creating this jewel. In particular, note that the bail (the part that holds the pendant to your necklace) is hinged and shown in an open position.   The hinged bail allows the pendant to be worn on a narrow chain (as we've shown here), a thick choker, or even to enhance a strand of pearls.   Yes, versatility is a wonderful thing!

Also, note the heavy gold bezel that securely holds the tourmaline.   The warmth of the 18kt yellow gold contrasts beautifully with the graceful platinum arch supporting the baguette diamonds.

As with any fine jewel, the back of the pendant must look just as good as the front.   Here you can see that the rear of the yellow gold bezel is smooth, finished and symmetrical, as is the underside of the platinum channel holding the diamonds.   Note the small plaque stamped "750" which indicates that the gold bezel is made of 18kt gold.

Also note the "figure eight" safety clasp that securely locks the hinged bail into the closed position.   This assures that the pendant won't accidentally open and slip from your neckline.

Back view of  diamond and tourmaline necklace in platinum and gold.

Cost:  Sold


The pendant is 1" long and 0.5" wide.

The chrome tourmaline weighs 3.17 carats and measures 10.4 millimeters by 9.6 millimeters.

The 8 graduated baguette diamonds weigh 0.82 carats in total.   While, the round brilliant diamond at the top of the pendant weighs 0.13 carats.

The platinum foxtail necklace is 16" long and 1.4 millimeters wide.   It weighs 9.6 grams.

An intimate dinner for two, an evening out on the town or any special occasion.   This wonderful pendant adds just the right touch of class with its elegant blend of beautiful gemstones, imaginative design and a goldsmith's artistry.

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