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Selling Grandma's Jewelry

By  Judith Anderson  GG, CGA

A lovely Art Nouveau pansy pin. Have you ever attempted to sell no-longer-needed or inherited jewelry?  Do you remember being assaulted by advertising and promises such as:  "Top $$$'s paid for your old and estate jewelry",  "Cash for Gold!!!",  "We pay BIG BUCKS!"

The consumer attempting to sell unneeded jewelry is often confronted with hyperbole and hollow promises.  The challenge for the seller is to separate the facts from the sales hype and realize the best value for the jewelry being sold.  To help you through this often stressful process,  remember Bijoux's Golden Rules for Selling Unneeded Jewelry:

1.  Know the value of what you are selling!  You wouldn't sell your house, car or an Old Masters painting without first having it appraised.  The same rule applies to jewelry.  Before you sell or give away jewelry,  you should have its value assessed by an independent appraiser.

2.  Comparative shop!  Don't sell to the first buyer who makes you an offer.  Whether you are buying or selling jewelry,  you should always shop around for the best price.  Remember,  a potential buyer is most interested in buying your jewelry at the lowest price.....not in providing you with a fair and accurate assessment of its value.

3.  Seek alternative markets!  Most unneeded jewelry is liquidated at a local jewelry store or pawn shop.  Unfortunately,  the local jeweler or pawn broker will rarely pay you the highest possible price for your jewels.  Unneeded jewelry often realizes a higher value in alternative markets such as auctions,  private sales and brokerage.  Also,  many types of jewelry sell better in other regions of the country and the world.

The time invested in following the above guidelines will help you realize the greatest value when selling your unneeded jewelry.  At Bijoux Extraordinaire,  we offer several important services to help you in this process:
1.  Our professional,  expert gemologists can provide you with an independent and accurate appraisal of your jewelry.

2.  We work with jewelry buyers throughout the world and can help you find the buyer who will pay the highest price for your jewelry.

3.  Our expertise in alternative markets (auctions, private sales and brokerage) allows us to help you locate the best market for selling your jewels.

Bijoux Extraordinaire is a consulting practice of independent gemologists working for the jewelry consumer.  Whether you are looking to sell or purchase fine jewelry and gemstones,  our jewelry experts can help you realize the best value.  Before you "cash in" your gold or liquidate unneeded jewelry,  please call about our jewelry and gemstone brokering services.

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