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Jewelry and Gemstone Articles

Welcome to Bijoux Extraordinaire's library of articles about fine jewelry and beautiful gemstones.   In addition to helping clients acquire fine gemstones and create beautiful custom-designed jewelry,  we are committed to helping jewelry consumers stay informed.   Thus, we created the Bijoux Library.
Bijoux Library

Custom Jewelry Design

Distinctive by Design
Rings with a Story
Beautiful Gemstones and Precious Metals
Custom Design Jewelry, Tomorrow's Heirlooms
Goldsmiths: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!!!

Antique and Estate Jewelry

Larter & Sons Period Rings
The House Charles L. Carrington Built
A Brief History of Carrington & Company
Egyptian Revival Cufflinks and Other Jewels
The Art of the Enameler - Guilloche and Enamel Cufflinks
Carrington Cufflinks and the Mysterious Mr. Goldsplat
Art of the Stickpin - Miniature Masterpieces
The Intricate Cufflinks of L. Fritzsche
The Elegance of Art Deco Cufflinks
American Art Nouveau Cufflinks
The "TH" Cufflink Maker Revealed
Antique Cufflinks - Windows to the Past
The Extraordinary Stickpins of Hans Brassler
Victorian Jewelry - A Little Bit of Everything
Jewelry of the Art Nouveau and Edwardian Periods
Antique Enamels: Painting in Glass
The Wedding Ring
Some Famous Rings
Victorian Monograms
Jewelry of the Victorian Era
Diamonds in the White Mountains
The Life of Benvenuto Cellini
The Story of Pinchbeck
Jewelry as an Art


What is a Diamond Broker?
Selecting a Diamond Broker
Fancy Color Diamonds!
The Many Facets of Diamond "Enhancement"
Millennium Diamonds - Make Your Own!
A Consumer's Guide to Diamond Markets
The Allure and the Mystique of Diamonds
The Koh-i-noor Diamond
Diamonds in the White Mountains
Diamonds of the Rich and Famous
Fracture-Filled Diamonds - Caveat Emptor!
Fracture-Filled Diamonds II - A Word of Caution!
The Cut of a Diamond: Beauty Revealed
Picassos for Peanuts: Fancy Colored Diamonds

Colored Gemstones

The Sapphire Symphony Doesn't Just Play the Blues!
Sapphires of the Stars
The Passion and Fire of Red Spinel
Great Balls of Fire - Fiery Gemstones
Colored Gemstones from A to Z
Drusy Gemstones - Glistening Wonders
Gemstones of a Different Color
Those Fantastic Fantasy Cuts
Hollywood and Star Sapphires
Treasures at Tucson 2000
Alexandrite: A Russian Christmas Tale
What's Great in '98!
Aquamarine: Water of the Sea
Opal: Lightening Strikes Once
Quartz: In a Quandary Over Quartz?
Spinel: The Great Impostor
Tantalizing Tanzanite!
Tourmaline: Nature's Paintbox
Tucson 2001 - A Gem Odyssey
The Great Pretenders!
Emerald and the Great Pretenders
Sapphire and the Great Pretenders
Ruby and the Great Pretenders
Live from New York ....

Articles for the Jewelry Consumer

What is a Diamond Broker?
Selecting a Diamond Broker!
A Consumer's Guide to Diamond Markets
The Many Facets of Diamond "Enhancement"
A Consumer's Guide to Jewelry Appraisals
Romancing the Stone  -  The Gemstone Name Game
Gemstones & Jewelry: The Art of Buying!!
Going, Going, Gone!!! - Buying at Auctions
Sizing it Up - Ring Size Conversion Chart
Selling Grandma's Jewelry

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If you enjoy reading about fine jewelry and gemstones,  you should visit our Jewelry and Gemstone Galleries.   There you will find many extraordinary pieces of jewelry with informative descriptions and multiple photographs.  The Bijoux Galleries are a wonderful way to continue your jewelry education.

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