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Live from New York ....

By  Judith Anderson

Live from New York  .....  it's Bijoux Extraordinaire!  Being a jeweler has its perks.  Several times each year I travel to distant cities and countries to discover what is new and exciting in jewelry and to meet with some of my favorite gem cutters,  goldsmiths and jewelry designers.

Most recently,  my destination was the Big Apple and the annual Jewelers of America show.  With over 1,400 exhibitors this show is a wonderful opportunity to discover emerging jewelry trends,  as well as conduct market research for our jewelry appraisal lab.

Of course,  I also never resist the opportunity to acquire beautiful jewels and gemstones for our clients and the Bijoux collection.  Following is a brief summary of what I saw,  heard and purchased.

Part of the fun of the New York show is discovering new gemstones and cutting styles.  One exciting innovation is the faceting of pearls.  An inventive lapidary (gem cutter) has perfected a method for gently faceting these delicate gems and the results are astounding!  When faceted,  white and light colored pearls take on a shimmering sparkle as if they have been inset with numerous sparkling diamonds.  For Tahitian Black and darker pearls,  faceting creates a stunning optical illusion:  a small,  dark iridescent pearl appears to be magically floating within a larger pearl.  The effect has to be seen to be believed.  Naturally,  we acquired several of these rare beauties for the Bijoux collection.

What is exciting in estate jewelry?  The hottest trend is filigree rings from the Edwardian and the early Art Deco periods.  Most often crafted in platinum or white gold,  these intricate,  lacy jewels are an ideal setting for a diamond or colored gemstone.  In New York we purchased several wonderful antique filigree rings.  We also discovered a very talented contemporary goldsmith who is working in these antique styles and has mastered the arts of filigree,  engraving and chasing.  If you would like to view these beautiful antique and contemporary filigree rings,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672).

18kt gold and platinum ring with a 2 carat tanzanite.Filigree ring with tanzanite.

The vibrant blues and purples of tanzanite continue to win fans among jewelry designers and consumers.  Popular settings for this captivating gemstone include antique-style platinum rings and elegant custom design jewels.  Because of increased demand and waning mine production,  finer quality tanzanites are becoming more difficult to find in sizes greater than one carat.  As a result,  the cost of these finer gemstones is increasing.

2.97 ct pear-shaped tanzanite with exceptional bluish-violet color.

In contrast,  lesser quality and commercial grade tanzanites are readily available and in abundant supply.  By exploiting the recent cave-in and tragedy at the tanzanite mines,  some unscrupulous gem dealers are attempting to create a false sense of scarcity and manipulate consumers into paying excessive prices for lower quality gemstones.  This is occurring in both the retail and wholesale markets.   Remember,  when buying jewelry and gemstones always be wary of tall tales and big sales.

While in New York we acquired a wonderful selection of fine jewelry,  faceted pearls and dazzling gemstones.  If you would like to learn more about these exciting jewels,  please call to arrange a convenient time to come and visit us.

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