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Jewelry History and Basic Gemology at

Bijoux University

Bijoux Extraordinaire offers you a complete series of workshops to provide the gem and jewelry enthusiast with an introduction to gemology and jewelry history.  These workshops are generally held on Tuesday evenings from  6:00 pm to  9:00 pm,  for eight weeks, in Manchester,  New Hampshire during the Spring season.


Judith Anderson, a nationally recognized Gemologist and Appraiser, offers a series of eight workshops on gemstones and jewelry history. Participate in all eight or select only the specific classes you want, but don't miss out!

These workshops are hands-on so bring your own jewelry and gemstones for discussion and viewing under the microscope. Detailed outlines provided each night.




Pearls - Seven Factors Affecting Value

Learn about various types of pearls, evaluating quality, approximating price and cleaning pearl jewelry. Bring your own pearls and have your questions answered.

Diamonds - The Four C's

Discussions will include the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of diamonds. Lecture includes handouts explaining diamond proportions and grading. Examine your own diamonds under the microscope and evaluate their characteristics.

Colored Gemstones - Part I/ Part II/ Part III

During this extensive three part lecture you will learn how to name gemstones and recognize look-a-likes. Discussions include synthetic and treated gems and phenomenal stones. Finally, you will learn about evaluating quality (cut, color, clarity) and value. Bring your own stones for examination and comparison. You'll also learn the proper care and cleaning of gemstones.

Estate Jewelry - l9th & 20th Century

This two part session will focus on the history, identification and evaluation of estate jewelry with special emphasis on 19th & 20th century jewelry. The first part covers the Victorian period. Part II covers the Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco eras. Extensive slide presentation provides examples of all major periods and designs in jewelry history. Bring those "treasures" from the bottom of your jewelry box. Who knows? This class is a must for antique dealers and collectors!

Metals, Methods of Manufacture & Appraisals

With today's economy and the value of the dollar you have a right to know what you are paying for. Metal content and quality of gold, platinum and silver will be reviewed. Learn about the various methods of jewelry manufacture and how to see beyond deceptive advertising practices. Be an informed consumer! You will also learn what to expect from and look for in a reputable appraiser. Find out what goes on behind the scenes and learn about specialized equipment used in sophisticated gem labs.

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We also offer special lectures and training programs for antique clubs, business organizations and jewelry companies. We can develop any programs specific to your company's needs. Please contact our speakers (click to our email address) for more information on a custom lecture series.

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