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Spessartite Garnet and Tourmaline Ring

Spessartite garnet and tourmaline ring.

Autumn Embers!

Autumn in New England is ablaze with rich,  vibrant hues of yellow,  orange and red  - the colors of autumn leaves.  This hand-crafted ring is inspired by the beautiful seasonal colors right here in New Hampshire,  home of Bijoux Extraordinaire.

The centerpiece of this warm ring is an emerald-cut vibrant orange Spessartite Garnet.  Two trillium-cut golden yellow tourmalines closely flank the orange garnet creating a subtle graduation of Indian Summer hues.

Spessartite garnet and tourmaline ring.

The ring is crafted in 18kt yellow gold with a shimmering satin finish.  We tapered the edge of the band and created a beveled edge to complement the triangular-shape of the yellow tourmalines.  The bevel begins at the outer point of each tourmaline and follows along the circumference of the band.

The colors of the gems and the 18kt gold are like the burning embers of a setting autumn sun.

Spessartite garnet and tourmaline ring.

We selected this spessartite garnet for its vibrant orange color and striking emerald-cut shape.  The yellow tourmalines perfectly complement the color and shape of the center stone.

Each gemstone is set in partial bezels that protect the outer edges of the triangular tourmalines and the upper and lower edges of the spessartite garnet.  The tourmalines neatly nestle along the straight sides of the spessartite creating a dramatic trilogy of gemstones that form a glowing blaze.

Side view of spessartite garnet and tourmaline ring.

This side view shows the care our goldsmith took in crafting this ring.  The half-bezel settings securely hold the gemstones.  The thickness of the band throughout its circumference ensures that this ring will last a lifetime.

Inside view of spessartite garnet and tourmaline ring.

An inside view also shows our craftsman's attention to detail.  Note the thick sturdy walls beneath the bezel settings,  the even surfaces and the crisp cut-outs beneath the gemstones.  We like to say that a fine jewel should be as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.  Like all Bijoux jewels,  this ring passes the test!

18kt gold spessartite garnet and tourmaline ring.

Name: Autumn Embers!


This custom ring has sold.  Please visit our  Rings Extraordinaire Gallery  where we feature other beautiful rings.

Or,  we can custom create a ring in this style for you using the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.  Please give us a call (603 624-8672) or send us an email,  to discuss gemstones, design options and costs.

The spessartite garnet weighs  1.99 carats and measures 7.5 by 6.0 millimeters.  The two trillium yellow tourmalines weigh a total of  0.26 carats.  This hand-crafted 18kt gold ring is a finger size 6 1/2,  but can be resized to fit most fingers.

We love creating dramatic rings with exceptional gemstones.
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