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Custom Sapphire and Diamond Band

Custom platinum band with burnish set sapphires and diamonds.

The Biltmore!

Our client desired an elegant, but understated, ring with a little more style than a plain gold or platinum band.  We worked with him to create this handcrafted platinum ring set with a trilogy of gemstones  -  a cushion-cut Sapphire and two baguette Diamonds.

Custom platinum band with burnish set sapphires and diamonds.

The cool elegance of Art Deco design inspired this custom platinum ring.  The elegant shapes and simple lines of the Art Deco era are perfect for creating an elegant, yet understated, gentleman's band.

Custom platinum band with burnish set sapphires and diamonds.

A wedding ring must be crafted to last a lifetime,  but be worn comfortably each day.  We crafted this ring with a sturdy thickness through out its circumference.  Then, we gently beveled the inside edges,  so that the ring would rest comfortably on the wearer's finger.

Custom platinum band with burnish set sapphires and diamonds.

Viewing the inside of the ring, you can see the artistry and craftsmanship with which it was crafted. Note the sturdy thickness of the band and the care with which the Sapphire and Diamonds were set.  Beneath each gemstone we opened a small window known as á jouré

Custom platinum band with burnish set sapphires and diamonds.

All of our custom rings are signed with our registered hallmark ("BEL") and the quality of the precious metals ("PLAT" for platinum).  These marks are your assurance of quality,  beauty and craftsmanship.

Name:  The Biltmore!

Cost: This elegant ring was custom made for a client.  We would love to custom create a platinum or gold ring in this style for you. To discuss design options,  gemstones and costs,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or send us an email.

The cushion-cut Sapphire weighs just under  0.60 carats and the two baguette diamonds weigh a total of  0.19 carats.

This gentleman's wedding band was designed to complement the
Sapphire engagement ring our client gave to his fiancee.
An example of our  Blue Flame III design.

Emerald cut sapphire and diamond ring.

We have had the pleasure of creating many fine rings and bands for gentlemen.
Here are a few of our recent creations ....

Engraved platinum and gold gentleman's wedding band.Hand-engraved 18kt gold band with flowing scrolls.Custom wedding ring with seven princess-cut diamonds.

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