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Radiant-cut Fancy Blue Diamond
in a Platinum Ring

A brilliant fancy intense blue diamonds set in a handcrafted platinum ring.


With this spectacular blue diamond you certainly will not be feeling the blues!  The center diamond is a Rare Natural Blue diamond.  In fact,  it is a Fancy Intense Blue that radiates a brilliant hue sure to catch everyone's attention ... even from across the room!

A brilliant fancy intense blue diamonds set in a handcrafted platinum rings.

We handcrafted this ring with  95% pure platinum to complement the cool tones of the Blue diamond and D color round side diamonds.  The band is fashioned with half round platinum wire  -  pinched to a narrow taper and gentle upsweep as the band meets the diamond settings.

A brilliant fancy intense blue diamonds set in a handcrafted platinum ring.

We made each setting with rounded wires - each prong tapers in width from top to base,  presenting a graceful sturdy setting.  The center blue diamond is set slightly higher than the side diamonds,  so the ring curves across the top of your finger.  No unsightly gaps between our settings!

Also note the thickness of the ring's band  -  certainly this ring was made to last several generations.

A brilliant fancy intense blue diamonds set in a handcrafted platinum ring.

Did you know that many Natural Blue diamonds can conduct electricity?  The cause of blue color in diamonds is usually an effect of the element Boron trapped within the crystal lattice.  The more Boron,  the more intense the color.

Fancy Diamonds are ranked by a range of color classifications:

Fancy Faint
Fancy Light
Fancy Intense
Fancy Vivid
Fancy Deep
Fancy Intense,  Vivid and Deep are much rarer than the lighter, less saturated tones.

A brilliant fancy intense blue diamond set in a handcrafted platinum ring.

The underside of this spectacular ring is finished as nicely as the topside.  Notice the smooth, even cut-outs beneath each diamond,  the nearly seamless joints between each setting and the band,  and the graceful taper as the band approaches the settings.  At Bijoux Extraordinaire our philosophy is that fine jewels are finished as nicely on the underside as they are on the top!

Blue diamond ring with Bijoux Extraordinaire (BEL) hallmark.

All of our rings are stamped with our registered Hallmark ("BEL") and the quality of the precious metals ("PLAT" for this ring).  These marks are your assurance of quality, beauty and value.

Blue diamond ring with platinum (PLAT) hallmark.

A brilliant fancy intense blue diamonds set in a handcrafted platinum ring.

The Story Behind The Ring

Our client wanted to commemorate his  10th wedding anniversary by surprising his wife with a rare natural blue diamond  -  a gem she had long admired.  He contacted The Jewelry Experts at Bijoux Extraordinaire and, so, began the hunt for a gorgeous Fancy Intense Blue Diamond.  After we located the perfect stone,  our next task was to create a simple but elegant platinum ring to showcase this Blue Beauty.  Our client wanted only the best .... the best diamonds,  the best craftsmanship and the best service.  Naturally he chose Bijoux Extraordinaire!

Name:  Breathless!

Cost: This diamond ring was custom designed and hand made for our client.  We would love to make a "dream ring" for you using the stones of your choice.  If Blue Diamonds are not for you,  consider a yellow diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc.  You name the flavor and we will do the rest!

The square radiant-cut Fancy Intense Blue diamond weighs  0.58 carat and has VS1 clarity.  The two round diamonds weigh a total of   0.23 carat and are ideal cut,  D color and VVS clarity.

We specialize in creating beautiful custom engagement and anniversary rings.
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