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Custom Cushion Diamond Pendant

Custom cushion diamond pendant.

Violet Voila!

The classic elegance of a cushion-shape diamond cradled in the mirror-like brilliance of platinum.   In creating this custom pendant we wedded the classic shape of the diamond with a modern pendant design to create an elegant, timeless jewel.

The diamond weighs just under a carat and sparkles with brilliant faceting.   The tips of the four prongs holding the diamond are sharply tapered to enhance (and not obscure) the pointed shape of the diamond's corner facets. 
Above the diamond we gave the bail a broad, rounded face of polished platinum.  The mirror-like reflections of the bail beautifully complement the fire and brilliance of the diamond. 

Custom cushion diamond pendant.

When we custom create a jewel we always like to add something special.....a little unexpected surprise.  Here we set natural bluish-violet diamonds in the sides of the pendant.   The diminutive brilliant-cut diamonds have a deep rich color that is beautifully showcased in half bezel settings with open sides.  This pendant has appropriately been nicknamed Violet Voila

Custom cushion-cut diamond pendant.

This close-up of the side of the pendant shows the care with which this jewel was designed and crafted.  Note the strong bail from which the pendant can be suspended and the sturdy prongs that secure the cushion-shape diamond.  The accenting violet diamonds are safely set in sturdy half bezels that are like small works of modern sculpture. 

Finally we milgrained the edges of the upper and lower galleries with a small bead-like design to add a further touch of elegance.  As we noted earlier,  we always like to add a little pizzazz to the jewels we create.

Name:  Violet Voila!

Cost: This striking diamond pendant was custom created for a client.  We would love to work with you to create a pendant in this or a similar style.  To discuss design options and gemstones,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.


This pendant design can be adapted to accommodate most sizes, shapes and types of gemstones.

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