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Sterling Commemorative Cufflinks

Decree '99 commemarative cufflinks. (J3116)

It's Baffling!

Sometimes estate jewels are a mystery.  These cufflinks feature an impish fellow wearing a crown of laurels and holding a scroll marked "DECREE" or "DEGREE."  His right hand clutches a long pole or staff and his right foot rests on a small ball.  Other clues are the "99" on his shirt and the word "QUINDECENNIAL."

We believe the cufflinks were created to celebrate the 15th anniversary (the quindecennial) of an important event,  possibly a graduation or decree issued in 1899.  But that is as far as we have gotten!  We don't know the nature of the event or the meaning of the impish fellow and his laurel crown.  We are looking for help.  Any suggestions?


Measurements:  Crafted in sterling with a gilt finish,  the tops of these cufflinks measures  0.75"  high by  0.5"  wide.

Rear view of quindecennial cufflinks. (J3116)

There are additional clues on the back of the cufflinks.  They are marked with a crown, an elaborate "T" and a prowling lion (indistinct in the photograph).  This is the hallmark of the maker,  Charles Thomae & Son.

Thomae & Son was based in eastern Massachusetts and founded,  now the mystery deepens,  in 1920.  In other words,  a pair cufflinks created to celebrate an anniversary in 1914,  was made by a jewelry company that did not exist until 1920.  This is truly a case for the "X Files."

Help us solve the mystery.  If you know anything about these cufflinks or the event they commemorate,  please let us know.

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