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Antique and Estate Jewelry

Antique and estate jewels are small works of art that celebrate the elegance, artistry and craftsmanship of earlier times.  In the estate galleries you will find
a wide variety of miniature masterpieces including elegant cufflinksbeautiful broochesfine stickpins and distinctive dress and tuxedo sets.

Edwardian guilloche enamel brooch. (J9413)

Elegant Cufflinks

In the Antique Cufflink Gallery we offer fine antique and vintage cufflinks.  Below are just a few of the cufflinks available.

Sloan & Company Egyptian Revival cufflinks. (J9509)

Winged Scarab  Strikingly elegant winged scarabs from the late Victorian era.  These finely sculpted, beautifully detailed cufflinks are a wonderful wedding of Egyptian Revival and Art Nouveau tastes.  Created by Sloan & Co. in 14kt gold, circa 1900.  Cost:  $1,175  

Art Deco diamond cufflinks. (J9245)

Diamond Jazz  Finely sculpted Art Deco cufflinks with raised quatrefoil centers framed by cascading "epaulets" and tiered sides.  One side of each cufflink is set with a small diamond adding a final touch of sparkling elegance.  Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1930.   Cost:  $875

Carrington amethyst cufflinks. (J9508)

Purple and Gold  The regal elegance of rich purple amethysts set in brightly polished gold.  These finely crafted cufflinks were created by Carrington and Co. in 14kt gold, circa 1920.  Cost:  $825

Krementz mermaid and swan cufflinks crafted in 14kt gold. (J9382)

Mermaid and Swan  A mermaid contemplates her scepter amid swaying cattails while a swan serenely glides past.  This beautifully sculpted scene  is a wonderful expression of Art Nouveau design.  Created in 14kt gold, circa 1900.  
Cost:  $1,345

Carrington jade cufflinks. (J9288)

Carrington Jade  Deep green jades in gold settings finely engraved with foliage-and-scroll motifs.  When held up to a light the jades glow like miniature stained glass windows.  Created in 14kt gold, circa 1910.  Cost: $875

Krementz writhing serpent cufflinks. (J9284)

Entwined Serpents  Two sinister serpents entwined with foliage and vines in the flowing Art Nouveau style.  The fact that the serpents are rattlesnakes adds a touch of danger.  Sculpted in 14kt gold, circa 1900.   Cost:  $885

Art Deco carnelian spool cufflinks. (J9232)

Please visit the Antique Cufflink Gallery where you will find many more elegant cufflinks and dress sets from the past.  Above is only a small sample of the cufflinks we offer.

Fine Stickpins

The Antique Stickpin Gallery gleams with miniature works of sculpture.
Below is a small sample of the stickpins available.

Sea devil stickpin with sapphire and pearls.

Sea Devil  A fierce devil with a distinctly amphibious look - note the fin-like protrusions from the top and back of its head - snarls with menacing fangs.  A small sea-blue sapphire is set as the creature's eye and pearls decorate its fins.  Crafted in 14kt gold circa 1900.   Cost:  $565

Hans Brassler carnelian stickpin. (J9360)

Brassler Carnelian  A luminous carnelian glows from within flowing folds of gold.  There is a wonderful contrast between the stark geometry of the carnelian and the flowing curves of the setting.  Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1910.   Cost:  $435

Art Nouveau sapphire stickpin. (J9309)

Sapphire Scrolls  Intertwining golden scrolls centered with a rich blue sapphire.  The flowing, interlacing design reflects the Art Nouveau style, as well as the Celtic Revival, of the early 1900s.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1910.    Cost:  $585

Whiteside and Blank wreath and opal stickpin. (J9495)

Laurel Wreath and Opal  A triumphal golden laurel wreath surrounds an iridescent. sparkling opal.  The wreath is beautifully sculpted with a small diamond set in its base.  Created in 14kt gold,  circa 1900.  Cost:  $585

Whiteside and Blank roses and acanthus stickpin. (J9422)

Roses and Peridot   Rose blossoms, a curling acanthus leaf and hanging bellflowers frame a vibrant green gemstone (likely a peridot).  An elegant stickpin alive with symbols of love, health, gratitude.  Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1900.   Cost:  $465

French Art Nouveau dragon stickpin. (J9485)

Art Nouveau Dragon  A fiery dragon rears back as if readying to strike while in its claws grasping a leafy branch.  An elegant French Art Nouveau stickpin crafted in 18kt gold, circa 1900.  Cost:  $485

Art Nouveau amethyst stickpin (J9430).

Please visit the Antique Stickpin Gallery where you will find many more elegant stickpins from the past.  Above is only a small sample of the stickpins we offer.

Brooches and Pins

  In the Antique Pin and Brooch Gallery are fine brooches and pins
to match every taste.  Below is a small sample.

Carter dragon and crescent brooch. (J9384)

Chimera and the Moon  A beautifully sculpted, finely detailed chimera flies past a crescent moon.  The magnificent beast has finely feathered wings, the intricate scaly body of a serpent and a tail that morphs into twisting acanthus leaves.  A small green gem is set as the creature's watchful, jealous eye.  Created by Carter, Howe & Co. in 14kt gold, circa 1890.   Cost:  $785

Fleur de Lys  An elegant Edwardian brooch with fleurs-de-lys and quatrefoils in fine filigree work.  Crafted in 14kt white and yellow gold, circa 1920.
Cost:  $325

Hans Brassler amethyst and roses brooch. (J9256)

Amethyst and Roses  An elegant brooch set with a rich amethyst, bright pearls and golden roses in a "garden wall".  Created by Hans Brassler in 14kt gold, circa 1910.   Cost:  $685

Edwardian guilloche enamel brooch. (J9413)

Regal Splendour  
Beautifully engraved regal blue enamel surrounded by bands of white enamel and intricately detailed golden swags accented with small pearls.  Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1900.  Cost:  $875

Hans Brassler citirne and pearl brooch. (J9445)

Citrine and Pearls A lambent golden citrine and bright, luminous pearls framed by gold roses and trailing sprays of leaves.  Created by Hans Brassler in 14kt gold, circa 1910.  Cost:  $675

Brassler coral brooch. (J9274)

Brassler Coral  A softly radiant coral set in a brooch that weds elements of Neoclassical and Asian design with a hint of early Art Deco.  Created by Hans Brassler in 14kt gold, circa 1910.   Cost:  $745

Egyptian Revival winged scarab brooch crafted in 14kt gold. (J3573)

Please visit the  Antique Brooch Gallery  where we offer a great variety of fine antique brooches and pins. Above is only a small sample of the jewels we offer.

Tuxedo and Dress Sets

In the Tuxedo and Dress Set Gallery are finely crafted sets with shirt studs
and vest buttons.  Below are just a few of the sets available.

Carrington white tie dress set. (J9419)

Classic Carrington  An elegant dress set with bright mother-of-pearl and pearl centers surrounded by platinum reed-and-tie borders.  A classic set finely crafted in platinum and 14kt rose gold,  circa 1920.  Cost: $2,650

Larter Bros. moss agate tuxedo set. (J9534)

Moss Agates  Mesmerizing moss agates with tangles of swirling green inclusions reminiscent of floating seaweed.  This elegant tuxedo set was created by Larter Bros. in 14kt gold, circa 1925.  Cost: $1,375

Onyx and diamond tuxedo set. (J9497)

Onyx and Diamond  Sculpted onyx centers set with diamonds surrounded by eight-sided white gold borders with alternating raised and recessed edges.  An elegant study in black and white.  Crafted in 18kt gold, circa 1950.  Cost: $1,475

Carrington moonstone dress set. (J9512)

Carrington Moonstone  The ethereal glow of moonstones set in the cool brilliance of platinum.  This Art Deco dress set weds moonlit romance with sophisticated elegance.  Created 14kt gold and platinum, circa 1925.  Cost: $3,250

Leaf and vine engraved tuxedo set. (J9502)

Elegantly Engraved  Scrolling golden acanthus leaves surround platinum centers overgrown with finely engraved leaves and vines.  The depth and detail of the engraving give this tuxedo set a radiant glow.  Crafted in 14kt gold and platinum, circa 1910.   Cost: $1,385

Tiffany platinum and abalone dress set. (J9372)

Carrington Abalone and Platinum   Dark, iridescent abalone plays against the cool brilliance of platinum.  This striking tuxedo set was created in the Art Moderne style of the late 1930s and retailed by Tiffany & Co.  Cost:  $1,375

Carrington diamond and mother-of-pearl dress set. (J9240)

Carrington Jazz  Platinum borders with jazzy geometric motifs,  sparkling diamonds set in bead-edged collets and carved mother-of-pearl centers.  This striking tuxedo set captures the exuberance and spirit of the Jazz Age.  Crafted in platinum and 14kt gold, circa 1925.   Cost:  $1,625

Sansbury & Nellis citrine dress set. (J9186)

Please visit the  Antique Tuxedo and Dress Set Gallery  where we offer a variety of fine dress and tuxedo sets from the past.  Above is only a small sample of the sets available.

Jewelry Galleries

Carrington purple enamel and pearl cufflinks. (J9476)

Cufflink Gallery   A collection of striking cufflinks from the Golden (and Platinum) Age of cufflinks - 1880 to 1950.  Here you will find elegant cufflinks from the late Victorian to the jazzy Art Deco era.

Border collie reverse intaglio stickpin. (J9049)

Stickpin Gallery  Antique stickpins are miniature works of sculpture set atop gleaming columns of gold.  Here we present beautiful examples from the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco eras.

Edwardian guilloche enamel brooch. (J9413)

Brooch and Pin Gallery  A gallery of beautiful brooches and pins from the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco eras.

Carrington diamond and mother-of-pearl dress set. (J9240)

Dress Set Gallery  Elegant dress and tuxedo sets from the Edwardian and Art Deco periods.  During this era fine dress sets wedding elegant design with masterful craftsmanship were created.

Victorian Egyptian Revival gold brooch with enamel portrait. (J7411)

Estate Jewelry Archive  Over the past two centuries an extraordinary treasure of elegant jewels was created by a gifted pantheon of jewelers.  In this archive you will find pieces from the past that we have placed with clients. 

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