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Drusy Uvarovite Earrings with Diamonds

Drusy uvarovite earrings with princess-cut diamonds.

Dazzling Drusies!

18kt gold earrings featuring drusy uvarovite garnets and princess cut diamonds.  The elongated shield-shape of the drusies is perfectly accented by the square diamonds.  The earrings are designed so that the gemstones will dance and glimmer with your every move!

These earrings were hand built to make sure that they hang gracefully from your ear and accommodate the unusual shape of the drusies.  The brightly polished bezel settings offer a warm contrast to the vibrant gemstones.

Side view of drusy earrings.

By examining the rear and sides of the earrings you can see the care taken by our goldsmith in crafting these jewels.  Note the thickness of the bezel sidewalls.  These help protect the gemstones and give the earrings depth.  The hand crafted ear wires assure that the earrings will hang comfortably from your ear and the gemstones will always face forward.

Rear view Drusy uvarovite garnet earrings with princess-cut diamonds.

So what is "drusy"?  Drusy is the gemological term for a layer of small crystals which cover the surface of a host rock or "matrix".  In this case the crystals are tiny uvarovite garnets and the underlying matrix is a darker mineral called "chromite".  The tiny uvarovite crystals create the glittering, shimmering appearance and provide the rich green color.

Name:   Dazzling Drusies!

Cost:   These unique earrings have been sold.   If you would like to discuss having a pair of Drusy Earrings custom made, please give us a call (603 624-8672) or send us an email.

Measurements:   1.375" from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the bezel setting.  The two princess-cut diamonds weigh a total of 0.22 carats, are  G-H  color and VS1-2 clarity.

In addition to garnets,  drusy crystals form on many other beautiful gemstones:  including,  black onyxchalcedony,  carnelian,  azurite,  malachite,  chrysocolla and the many varieties of  agate.  We can create earrings in this style using the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.

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