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Ancient Egypt Inspired Sapphire Ring

Custom designed ring with three sapphires.

Jewel of the Nile!

We call this design  "Jewel of the Nile"  because it has elements inspired by the civilizations of ancient Egypt.  The high bezel surrounding the center stone,  the round wire shank and the two sapphires set at the end of the upward sweeping shoulders are all reminiscent of jewels from the past.

This striking ring was custom designed and hand crafted for a client in 14kt gold.  The center stone is an oval white sapphire and the two side stones are rich blue sapphires.

Side view of custom designed ring with three sapphires.

In designing the ring we wanted to capture the feel of a lotus blossom with its petals opening and sweeping upward towards the sun.  The gemstones are set like hidden treasures that are revealed as the flower opens.

Of course an imaginatively designed jewel must also be comfortable to wear.  Our goldsmith slightly flattened the inside of the band and rounded the edges so that the ring slides easily and rests comfortably on the wearer's finger.

Inside view of Egypt inspired ring crafted in 14kt gold.

As always,  a beautiful jewel is as well crafted and finished on the underside as it is on the topside.  Note the polished surfaces,  the even cut-outs beneath the gems and the smooth bridge between the band and the center setting.  Always turn over a jewel to make sure that the goldsmith took proper care and pride in creating the jewel.

Name:  Jewel of the Nile!

Cost: This striking ring was custom created for a special client.  We would love to work with you to create a ring of similar design featuring the center and side gemstones of your choice.

The oval colorless sapphire weighs 3.3 carats and measures approximately  12 x 9 millimeters.  The two smaller blue sapphires are 3 millimeters in diameter.

Front view of custom designed ring with three sapphires.

A ring in this style can be created with the center and side stones of your choice.  The ancient Egyptians might have preferred opaque or translucent gemstones like lapis,  turquoise or carnelian.    But you can also choose gemstones with a more modern flair - such as faceted tanzanite,  ruby,  emerald or sapphire.  This ring can be created in platinum,  14kt or 18kt gold,  and with design modifications to suit your taste.  Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us a note .

We specialize in helping clients create unique and beautiful jewels.
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